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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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kamara and secret mutant powers
delirium happy
I can't sleep. Which is, as any fool knows, a perfect time to write a LiveJournal entry. But where to start? How about this morning. Or yesterday morning. Or the morning of May 3, at any rate.

I actually woke up before 10am, which hasn't happened in quite a while. Some university related stuff had popped through the door this morning, so I kept myself awake for a little while by looking through them (current situation, is that things are looking good on that front, and I currently think I'm most likely to end up at Lancaster, Hertfordshire or Sheffield), and then got up. Spent a while getting ready, then noticed I was running late, rang for a taxi, and very hurriefdly finished getting ready. I got charged £5 for the taxi from here to the train station (about 2 miles) which I'm sure was a rip off, but I was worried about missing my train, so I didn't argue.

I did manage to catch my train without any problem though. Or rather, I caught a train. The actually train that I'd intended to catch seemingly didn't exist. I was meant to change at Lancaster, but instead ended up changing at Preston, and wound up on te same connecting train though, so that was all OK. Unfortunately, it was one of those trains that must have been specially designed to bounce up and down and from side to side as much as possible, so I ended up getting travel sick. I did just about manage to find my way to a toilet before bringing up my breakfast though.

And in the end I did get to Carlisle! Where there was a kamara waiting for me at the station! Admitedly, I did walk straight past her, at first until she sent me a text message ("are you the lost looking person in the blue top?" "yes") but I blame this on my general wooziness after the train. And the fact that the LiveJournal tshirt she was wearing was concealed. There then followed a day of much funness. kamara is more or less the same in real life as she is online, only quieter and more shy and reserved. But she's still funny and sweet and bubbly and stuff. And generally fab.

Our first stop of the day was the cinema, where we saw X2 (the second x-men movie). Now I'm hardly much of a film critic or anything, but I enjoyed it. It had nightcrawler in it, and pyro, and a cameo from colosus, and lots of nifty action stuff, and a half decent attempt at a plot that at least tried not to be entirely implausible the whole way through. It was fun. The advert they showed before it with the evil looking smiling teeth was less fun though.

After the film, we contemplated food for a bit, and decided that the easiest option was to just buy bread and then go back to her place and make sandwiches. Simple. So we did, and then sat around in her room for a while, not really doing a great deal. Talking. Being scared by posters of elves. Just lying there being snuggly and not saying anything. That sort of stuff. We nearly both managed to fall asleep doing the latter. That would have been bad, because it would have meant I'd have missed my last train, and had to stay over for the night. On the other hand, it would have been good because it would have meant I'd have missed my last train and had to stay over for the night.

But in the end we didn't, so I got the train back here, ate a bit, watched tv a bit, napped a bit, mooched around on the internet a bit, read a bit, failed to sleep, and then came and wrote this. Which brings things more or less up to date.

I think I might try sleeping again shortly.

I miss kamara

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Oooh snuggles and X-men! Sounds like a worthwhile day :)

I'm glad you got to meet kamara. yayfulness!

it's still just as sweet...!

Sounds like you've had fun. Good :)
Got dragged to see X2 myself and felt it worked pretty well. I was quite chuffed to see Colosus have a cameo altho they wasted Lady Deathstrike completely.
Good film tho & well worth seeing.

Glad to hear all's well & I'll try to nudge you sometime


Glad you had a fun day with kamara, sorry that you have to miss her. :( But -- it makes the next time ever so much sweeter, eh?

Snuggles are ALWAYS good. ;)

This random comment brought to you by too much sugar

I miss you.

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