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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Nothing much
delirium happy
I've not updated for a whilenow. The main reason for this is that I'm feelinglike crap. I've been up here at my parents for about five and a half weeks now. And I have none of my stuff here. And nowhere where I can go. Which means I'm going slowly out of my mind. Being restless and listless at the same time is less than fun. And I'm irritable and moody and inarticulate and lethargic and bored and melancholy and paranoid and did I mention already that I feel like crap?

On the plus side, I'm going back down to Canterbury some time early next week (I'm currently guessing tuesday). Which hopefully will help.

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i hope things get better in canterbury, yes.

i always feel so off when i am at my mom's house for too long. i feel stagnant. so i get where you're coming from, and yes, much of the good thoughts and the hearts and things.

Sorry to hear you're feeling badly - as you know, I'm no stranger to such feelings myself, and, well - I know how badly they can suck.

If you want to talk or email, you know where to find me.


*cuddles* hope you feel better soon, sweetie - you know you can always shout me if you want a shoulder.

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