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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Metaness // buffy // stupidity
delirium happy
I mentioned the other day that I very rarely talk about doing LJ support here, and I think i've figured out the reason for this. One of the reasons that I keep a LivEJournal, rather than a "blog" is my general distaste for metablogging. Now, I've not seen a great deal of "the blogging community", but what I have seen (mainly through aquarionics) seems to be very meta. Lots and lots of discussions of blogging and related tools and protocols.And while that does have a time and a place, it leaves you in great danger of disappearing up your own arse. And since i want o avoid that, I'm stopping my meta discussion about how I hate metaness here.

In other news, I just watched the final episode of season 6 of Buffy, which very predictably made me blubber like a baby. Still not enough to make up for the general relative crapness of the second half of season 6 in general. And anyone caught spoiling me for season 7 will be most severely hit with sticks. It's also worth noting that I really shouldn't read journal entries of people having hard times when I've just been blubbing at a TV show. I'm far too emotionally unstable. And to those who need this, I really, sincerely hope that things work out for you.

In other other news, there's been a wonderful "just how stupid are people" moment on a yahoo! mailing list I'm on today. See, it's an age limited list, where you have to click on a little thing saying "yes, I am over 18" before it will let you join. So there was a thread today with various people vying with each other to see who the youngest list member was (about 13, iirc). End result, several people got kicked off the list, all material deemed unsuitable for under 18s got took out of the list archives, and lots of people got disproportionately upset. If I was a bad troll (I was going to say "If I was a troll" but then I rememered that I am, except that I use my powers for good) then I could cultivate a huge flame war with about two messages. If that. As it is, it seems to be on the brink of toppling into one anyway. It's very amusing really, but only because it's only a list that I skim-lurk, and not one I'm actually active on.

In other other other news, I just made an entry that contained some actual real genuine content. Shocking, isn't it?

Update: The mailing list I mentioned has just had a holocaust analogy made! I think we have a winner!

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Hmmm, yes, stupidity.... *chuckles*

It's nice to hear from you, though! :)

In other other other news, I just made an entry that contained some actual real genuine content. Shocking, isn't it?


Buffy, end of season 6

But did you see what happened at the end of the episode? At the end-end? After the blubbing?
That was very *whoa!*.

That userpic doesn't get much use. *ponders the significance* ;)

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