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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Personal statement, draft 1
delirium happy
I have previously attended university twice before, studying physics at Oxford for approximately two terms, and computing and psychology at Kent for under a term. Unfortunately, I was forced to withdraw on both occasions due to severe depression. Two years on, I am now well recovered from my illness, and feel well able to resume my education. It is personally important for me to do this, both to fulfil my potential and to prove to myself that I am able to do so.

I have always held a keen interest in physics, enjoying both the analytical elements of problem solving, and the search for ever-deeper underlying reasons and explanations for things. I have maintained this interest through my illness, and greatly enjoy reading popular science books on subjects such as cosmology, quantum physics, and superstring theory. I look forward to being able to study the topics I read about in greater depth. While I wish to leave my options for the future open, I currently feel that I may be interested in pursuing a career of research after the end of my degree.

I also have an interest in computers, programming and the Internet. This has led me to being a volunteer administrator on a large, international, community-run website with a user-base of over half a million active users, with my main focus being on technical support and content syndication.

I also particularly enjoy reading, playing games (such as chess) and travel, having previously been on trips to countries such as Russia, Iceland and the USA, having organised the latter two trips myself. While I was at school I also enjoyed singing in the school choir, and participating in amateur dramatics. While I have not since pursued these interests, I would hope to rekindle them upon my return to university.