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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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UCAS form // gender_petition // interview questions answered
delirium happy
So I finally got around to filling in my UCAS form today, and it's now in the post. Done. Out of my hands. So hopefully I start getting lots of letters from universities saying "yes! please come study with us!" soon. Wish me luck. If you want to, you can also read my personal statement (proofreading courtes of mendel, malerin, kimble and ccooke). But it's done. Next step: sit and wait. And fill in forms for LEA. And try to figure out if I can get DSA. And stuff. But this was the bit that had the deadline.

Also, I can't not mention gender_petition, which I know several of you have already seen, but some of you haven't. I'm sure it's quite enough to make some of you wet yourselves, and others of you want to slit your wrists. My basic thought is: "if you're going to do this, then at least think it through properly and then make moderate, sensible requests, as opposed to using it as an exercise in willy waving and then asking for the world on a plate". Unfortunately, several of the people there seem to be taking the latter approach.

And now, the interview meme:

Questions from sath:

1)What comes to mind when you think of home?

Essentially, "I wish that I had one of those". My house in Canterbury is just a place where I live, and my parents' house doesn't feel like home to me either. Region-wise, I still think of Lancashire as "home", but that's partly by default, as nowhere ele has displaced it.

2)If you had to lose one of your 5 senses permanently, which would you rather it was? Why not the others?

Taste, definitely. It's a fairly close run thing between taste and smell, but i figure that there's a lot of overlap, but smell is better at long range, and also good at doing things like detecting gas leaks. I also don't get much pleasure from food at the best of times, so not a huge loss. After taste would come smell, then hearing, sight and finally touch. Touch last because I simply can't imagine it. I know blind and deaf people, and some of what each entails, so I'm fairly sure I could cope with them, but living without touch would be very odd indeed. I put hearing before sight, because I find I use sight more. I don't need a great deal of face to face communication to be happy, whereas I do do a lot of reading, both print and computer, and while braille and text to speech exist, I think they'd slow me down a lot.

3)What are your 3 favourite items of clothing you own? And what don't you have to wear that you wish you did?

Hmmm. Most probably my purple gothy dress (I can find pictures if anyone is interested and hasn't seen it), my purple boots, and my one pair of good blue jeans that actually fit properly. The one thing that I'd like but I don't have is probably a corset. Corsets are good.

4)You are a deity in a pantheistic religion, describe yourself and your role.

I would be a god of balance, and of change. I represent the fluidity of nature; how nothing is certain or absolute. I stop anything from shifting too widely to any one side, and provide checks and balances. I am rarely an active protagonist in any myths, nor am I widely worshiped, but I am a well respected god. I am, of course, entirely androgynous, though of shifting appearance. If I have a secondary purpose, it would be as a god of wisdom.

5)If you could have a groundhog day (like as in the movie), where would you like to spend it and why?

It would have to be some sort of big city. My initial thought was London, but possibly somewhere like Paris, New York, Moscow, Barcelona or whatever would also work. The why is simply because there's so much to do. Let's take London as an example. You could spend one day in a museum, the next streaking down Oxford Street, the next urinating off the top of the millenium wheel, the next going to the theatre, the next shoplifting from Harrods, and so on and so forth. The more there is to do, the longer it would be before you become bored out of your brain.

Questions from anotheryourself

1. was it more for the charity or to be silly?

Why, for both, of course. The initial thought was just a generic silly one, but then I realised I could probably get some money from it and stuff. I wouldn't have done it just for charity if I hadn't enjoyed the silly, and I wouldn't have just done the silly with no goal. They were both important, and it wouldn't have worked without either one.

2. what is your quest?

I seek the... no wait. I have three goals in life:

I want to win a nobel prize.
I want to found a new religion and usher in a new age of prosperity for mankind.
I want to get out of bed.

I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure the relative probabilities here.

3. what is your favorite shade of purple?

This one is quite nice.

4. if they made a rho doll, would you rather be porcelain or plastic or cloth?

Cloth all the day. It's the most huggable.

5. where would you most like to be right this second, if you could only be there for 5 minutes, could never go back, but everything that you wanted to happen there would happen during those 5 minutes?

That's hard. Because most of the places I'd like to go, I would want to go for a longer time, and be able to go back. Ichoose a few hundred years in the future, where I would like to learn about lottery numbers and advances in science and technology.

Questions from chess:

1. Why do you dislike cheesecake so much?

The obvious answer here is because I think it tastes icky. The slightly less obvious answer is that the chemicals within it trigger my tastebuds to send nerver impulses which trigger things like my gag reflex. The slightly less obvious again answer is that I don't dislike it any more than I dislike certain other foods, but that it's part of support subculture, where it was discovered that everyone apparently either loves or hates cheesecake (except for those wackos who are indifferent to it).

2. What is your favourite fruit, and why?

The cucumber, because it is tasty, and goes well in sandwiches. If you're after something sweeter, then I'm lso fond of nectarines and grapes.

3. Is there a colour you would never dye your hair, or something else you would never do with it? If so, why? If not, why not?

The only things that I'd never do to my hair (or at least, never in any circumstances that could arise in real life and not just in bizarre hypothetical situations) are really extreme things like having it all removed via electrolysis, or soaking it in petrol and setting fire to it. As far as style and colour go, no I don't think there is anything that I would never do, mainly because it wouldn't be permanent, and if I didn't like then I could just wait and it would all grow out. The one thing that i'm not keen to do is to shave it off, or have it cut really short, because that would push my general appearance towards "male" when I generally aim for somewhere between "female" and "androgynous".

4. What is the best colour for ribbons? Why?

I'm torn here. The answer is either "pink. because they're ribbons" or "purple. because it's purple", but I'm not sure which one.

5. How many stuffed sheep have you owned during the course of your life? When did you own each one, and do you have any anecdotes relating to them?

Exactly one, which I still currently own, and was bought in Hamleys in London a couple of years ago. I do also own a wooden sheep (given to me by ruthi), a china sheep (bought on ebay) and a little magnet sheep, which came off a birthday card last year. Not very interesting, I'm afraid.

Questions from kiin:

[1] what is your most non-characteristic obsession?

I don't think I have any obsessions. They'd be very out of character for me :) Plus, another element of my character is that I have broad interests. I guess possibly my love of They Might Be Giants, seeing as how I'm not normally all that interested in music, and given that I occasionally use superlatives when refering them, rather than moderating my lnguage a lot.

[2] if you could travel in time, and date one single person in history, who would be the lucky one?

Tricky question. In the end, I think I'd have to say Richard Feynman, because he's something of a hero of mine, and I'm sure he'd be interesting and fun, which is all I'd reall be after from a date with random historical figure.

[3] (hypothetically speaking.) if you got sentensed to death, but was given the right to chose in what way you'd be executed, what would you pick?

There is something to be said for getting really, really, high and then leaping off a very tall cliff, but in the end I think I'd prefer to be anaesthetised and then poisoned. I wouldn't want to be conscious as I was being killed/dying.

[4] if you could have one superhuman power, of any kind, what would you like it to be?

I know this one with absolute certainty. i want to be a changling like Odo from Deep Space 9. I want to be able to assume any shape that I want. Never having to wash clothes. Being able to have hair any length colour or style I want. Being able to change sex at will. Being able to turn into a bird and fly places. Being able to seemlessly hide anywhere. Far, far too good to miss.

[5] if a monument was named after you, what kind of monument would you like it to be?

A library. Or if that isn't allowed within the confines of the question then a fountain. fountains are pretty.

Questions from alsatia

1. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in public (accidentally or intentionally)?

I wet myself when I was 11. Can't get much worse than that.

2. What is your geekiest attribute?

My overenthusiasm, when I'm talking about something that interests me. Like last year at the American Museum Of Natural History, with sam42, where I wa babbling on about taxonomy and she just didn't care. When things interest me, I have a childlike joy with them. That's geeky.

3. What is the first They Might Be Giants song you heard, and what were you doing at the time?

Most probably Theme From Flood because it's the first track on Flood which was the first TMBG album I owned. At the time, i was listening to TMBG.Yes, I bought the album before knowing any of the songs from it. I knew a lot of people who liked TMBG, mainly from playing Ackanomic (a now defunct play by email nomic game *waves to kendaer*) wher they were something of a theme, so when I first saw one of their CDs in Our Price in Chorley, i had to buy it, and the rest is history. For the record, it was also the people of Ackanomic who first got me playing ADoM. they have a lot to answer to.

4. How did you become interested in memes?

Because the concept of memes is itself a powerful meme. I can't remember when I was first introduced to it though. It may have been through Ackanomic agai, or it may have been through (#)afp, possibly ccooke. And it interested me.

5. I'd have never guessed you were interested in wrestling. Why does it appeal to you?

Hmm. this is threefold, I think. Firstly, there's the whole thing of watching people do things that you could never do, much like watching any sport, dance, or anything of the sort. Secondly, it amuses me. The storylines and promotions are sufficiently daft to appeal to me. Finally, and I think most importantly, I like trying to get a glimpse of the processes behind it all. Knowing what's really going on, just what proportion of it is fake, what goes through the script writers' minds and how the industry works. that sort of thing.

And i think that's the lot. If you've asked me questions and I've not answered them then it mens I've forgotten about them, so please prod me.

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I'm pretty impressed you didn't try to skirt round any awkward questions like some ppl seem to have done, and they're good answers, I liked reading em.
I also find I agree with you about touch being the more valuble sense to have.

I agree with you in regards the gender_petition thing, though your terminology made me giggle. Hopefully they're using the community to think things through before anything actually does get said, elsewise its hardly going to be taken as serious.

#2- so you're into nargery?

Hmmm. Google tells me that the word "nargery" is used on the web in a few blogs and journals, on pinkstuff, on groggs, by perl hackers, and by people who mis-type "Margery".

Google groups show that, of public froups, it is most widely used on cam.misc, with a few appearances on alt.fan.pratchett, a few across several uk.* groups, and one on demon.service. It appears to have originated somewhere on the ucam.* hierarchy, most probably ucam.chat.

From context, I'm guessing that you're refering to the question about my geekiest attribute. In this case, I would hazard a definition of "discussion of the fine details of a subject to excess, often to the extent as to sidetrack from the original point". Is that right?

(new words are fun)

not surprising it mostly turned up cam.misc stuff

It comes from narg, which stands for Not A Real Gentleman. It started at Cambridge around the time when upper class people went to uni more because it was the thing to do, and not because you genuinely wanted to learn something, or were excited about learning whatever field you were going into. Therefore, if you were very excited about learning, and prone to ramble on about things of interest to you, you weren't going to uni for the "right" reason, and you were Not A Real Gentlman.

Narging now, at least amongst the people I know, is viewed as a positive thing,

I've been waiting for gender_petition to provide some entertaining posts. Alas, so far, there are none. Piffle. :(

It looks a very easy community to troll. I'm tempted to post an entry there (I've put up a few comments already) explaining just how stupid it would be to try to get any huge sweeping changes with 17 different genders and 3 text boxes, just to see if I can get people telling me that I don't know anything about how LiveJournal is run, or that I'm prejudiced against transgender people or something, but I don't think it's really worth. I might kick them a bit if they manage to disappear too far up their own arses though.

You know something about how LiveJournal is run? And you're not prejudiced against transgender people?

Damn, I learn something new everyday! *silly grin*

After careful consideration, huge sweeping changes are pointless. Best course of action would probably be to just get rid of it. Or if demographics are really that important, change 'unspecified' to 'other' (or use both). It's not like gender gets displayed in userinfo, anyway, so no one sees it (if they do, I have yet to find it anywhere). If people are that bothered about declaring their gender for the world to see, they can bung it in their bio.

Still not entertaining, either. Poo. :(

Re: the Odo comment - It always bugged me that with infinite possibilities, he spent most of his time looking like a bad copy of a human. It bugged me in the way Data bugged me - if you can become anything, why work so hard to be a human, when your always not quite human enough?

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