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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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largo al factotum della citta
delirium happy
I've just realised why I ought to start keeping a website again. The absolute best reason for this isn't to have a voice, or for the creative process, or to practice scripting, or anything like that. No, the reason I want to keep a website again is to experience the pure unmitigated joy of looking through HTTP access logs for bizarre search terms. An old page of mine is google's third highest link for largo al factotum della citta. Got to love it.

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Heehehehe. peznin gets all kinds of guestbook comments about people finding her site by searching for "monkey butt". Although, she just moved the site so the monkey butt content might not be there anymore.

I should post more of mine. "pyjama sex couple", "latin word for penis" (duh), "biggest penis and photos" (no, not on my site), "what to put in a purse" (?!), "where to buy the One Ring" (all shall love me and despair!), and "writing", restricted to UK only (I'm on page seventeen of the search results).

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