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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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fannish squee
delirium happy
I have the new Harry Potter book.

That is all.

More later, I'm off to read for now.

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/me makes crossy-finger gestures.

/me agrees quietly and hides behind you.

*bites rho*

If my family was insane, we'd be getting in line to get a copy in 4 hours. They aren't insane, so I'll probably get my hands on one in a month or so.



it's not out for four hours still here.

Evilness! My copy is guaranteed to arrive by 8PM tomorrow...but it'll prolly be here around noon. And then I must beat everyone to the door and lock myself in my room. Luckily I can read with everyone pounding on the door.

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