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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The spoily entry
delirium happy

So my thoughts on the book then. Well, mostly, I enjoyed it, obviously. The new characters were all absolutely fabbo. Dolores Umbridge was deliciously petty minded and cruel. I think having her try to do the cruciatus charm towards the end was a mistake though, as it took her out of the category of pompous fuckwit, and into the category of evil and cruel, which I don't think was good.

Luna Lovegood is now among my favourite characters. The clever yet eccentric outcast with the good heart who everyone seems to think is weird? How could I possibly not love her. I have a vague inclination that she may end up holding some sort of dark secret in one of the next books.

Tonks was very cool too, even if she does have a stupi name. Shame we didn't see much more of her.

I think that my favourite bits were probably when Fred and George were causing havoc and all the teachers were being less than helpful in clearing up. That had me giggling madly.

Also the bit where Fudge tried to arrest Dumbledore. *smirk* Fudge is a silly, silly man.

Percy being a jerk was to be expected, though he'd better come back to the light side again. He is a gryffindor after all, not a slytherin.

The cameo by Lockhart was classic.

It amused me to note that at the start, the school was very much divided, but that rather than seizing on that, the ministry sent in Delores, who managed to unite thema ll by being so horrible.

Dumbledore's army is going to appear again. It is also going to get filked TTTO Oliver's Army, when I get the tuits.

Neville was fantastic. Go, Neville, go!

Giny was also fantastic, obviously. Good to see her out of her shell finally. If she doesn't end book seven paired of with either Harry or Nevile (or Hermione or Luna like that's ever going to happen though it would be really funny just to see the Christian fundamentalists' reaction) then I'm going to sulk.

Quidditch!Ron and quidditch!Ginny were done a whole lot less badly than they could have been. There was practically no cheese factor to it at all, the way it was written.

That there was a prophecy like that didn't really surprise me. I'd guessed that Sybil Trelawney's first genuine prediction may have been related to Harry.

We know that saving someone's life is a ver powerful, very old type of magic. How many different people's lives has Harry saved now?

The death... really didn't effect me at all. All through the book, I was on edge whenever anyone was in danger, expecting them to snuff it. And then at the end I was convinced thatit was going to be either Neville, Ginny or Luna, and I would have cried if any of them died. And then the order came in, and I was glad, because one of them could die instead ("just not Remus" said my mind) so when Sirius died, it was more relief than anything else. i didn't really feel it at all. I'd not been made to fell sympathetic towards him at all throughout the whole book, so when he died it was just a case of "oh". Yes, I'm a bad person. I think it might have had more effect if i hadn't known of the death beforehand.

On the otherhand, having Sirius as a member of an old pureblood family, and having him related to Malfoy and Lestrange was a very good touch. The lesson is that it isn't what you are, but who you are that matters, and without something like that there's the danger of people starting to think that all people born into that sort of family must be evil. Now all we need is a good guy from slytherin (a student. I know we already have Snape, but that's different).

I think that overall, I had too main problems with the book. the first is that it suffered a lot from being a middle of a seres book. The earlier books were much better as self contained stories in their own rights, whereas this one was just part of an ongoing process. This meant there was very little resolution in it. We didn't even get their OWL results.

It also seemed just a little bit too long. It seemed as if there just wasn't enough plot to cover that many pages, and it just dragged a tiny little bit in places.

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The book did drag on a bit, but the extra pages really helped to set up that atmosphere of distrust and polarization. The prophecy at the end was a major anticlimax, though - for everything the plot had been dragged through, you'd expect something better than "Harry Potter is The One", which was pretty apparent by this time. The origins of Snape's evil bastard attitude was a cool section, although Harry seemed to get over it way too easily. More guilt!

dumbledore getting arrested made me laugh. silly people...

oh, and the bit where harry had his career interview and professor mcgonagall (ive read how many of the books and i still can't spell that?) and umbridge had a fight. that was priceless :)

i like what is getting done with neville's character. curiouser and curiouser, i think that he may sacrifice himself in the last book.

i want to be a metamorph thing like tonks. that would be so cool.

oh, and go fred and george. they rocketh much. that swamp was priceless.

i liked the book, i liked the fact there was a lot of it to keep me busy. i don't like the fact it's going to be a year or two till the next one, especially considering the amount of cliffhangers left (is it only me who actually cares about their OWL results?)

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