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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More Harry
delirium happy
So yes, as I said, I went and bought the new Harry Potter book last night, at midnight, as soon as it came out. Yes, this does make me possibly insane, and yes you may shun me now (sath, kamara) but it was fun. The queues were huge. I decided to queue up outside Waterstones. Obviously, with it being a Friday night, there were your normal bunch of drunkards and Kevs about, but, eh? who cares? Th situation reminded me of two things: firstly, the scene in the first Harry Potter book, at the very begining, with all the wizards out celebrating, and not caring about the muggles giving them funny looks, and secondly of this song. It seemed appropriate ("but they're terrified of us (yes us) / the geeks the freaks the losers / we're united in our fight now /we'll let no-one else abuse us / the winners' winning streak is almost at an end / and why just look around you - there's more of us than them"). Much fun. There was also the guy who was clearly trying for the "most abysmally pathetic exvuse for an insult ever" award.. Newsflash for you pal: shouting "bookworms!" at a hundred or so people who are queuing for a book is going to acomplish very little but get you laughed at.

But anyway, I queued up outside Waterstones for about twenty minutes, but then the guy of the couple in front of me isappeared, and came back claiming that there was no queue at all at Methven's. "Hang on", says I, "did i just hear you right? Did you say there's no queue at Methven's?" "Yep". At this point, I stopped queuing at Waterstones. Not only did Methven's have no queue, they also had £4 off RRP, threw in a free copy of Warlock of Firetop Mountai which is a real blast from the past, and potentially dnagerous, and gave me a one pound off voucher for the next book that I buy there. Which, all in all, is a whole lot better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

So with new book in (bag in) hand, I headed off home, getting in at about 00:50. Obviously, I had to post a gloaty squeeish LJ entry, and then I went off to read the book. I accidentally forgot to stop until I reached that back cover thing, approximately 12 hours later. It was a good book, and I enjoyed it. A more considered opinion can be found in a very spoily, backdated entry that I made earlier.

Now I just need to consider how this book effects possible slash pairings.

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Oo, Fighting Fantasy! Tnaw Erif, Ekam Erif, Erif Erif, Di Maggio... I was quite proud of owning one of them that was subsequently banned.

Oooh, which one got banned? I wonder if I had it or not.

http://www.fightingfantasygamebooks.com/ :)

Talisman of Death (curiously, I could remember it as number 11 in the series, but not the title-- but it's the same book all right). I remember the news report on Anglia News about it-- they interviewed a boy who complained of recurring nightmares caused by the book, and got someone to read out a passage in a creepy voice ("You walk through the graveyard. You avoid looking at the headstones for fear of seeing your own name on them.")

Reading the review now, I remember how much it fired my imagination, and how it tied into my love of computer text adventures-- how it became more of a gloriously complicated adventure game in my own head, far beyond what home computing was then capable of, and over and above what was in the book (I almost never really played using the "Test your Luck" and "SKILL X STAMINA Y" business, just read through for the story).

FWIW, I didn't actually get to read that many of the books: I certainly owned The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Talisman of Death, and I remember spending serious amounts of time on Starship Traveller, though I think it belonged to my brother. All of them enriched my taste for adventure-game type things in different ways.

...oh, and Deathtrap Dungeon, iirc (that one with the swamp monster with all the eyes on the cover).

OOh, I've just remembered I had Starship Traveller! I din't have any of the others though ;)

*shuns and turns her chair away from rho* Ooo, window! Havent seen that for a while!

Evil Potter scary fan *hiss*

Shh, let us take away the book and hide it...

/me was one of the drunkards... not an abusive one but yeah...

it's quite addictive isn't it. i managed to read all of it yesterday :)

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