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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Small internet // trolling // new userinfo // phone
delirium happy
Today's rather spectacular example of Small Internet Syndrome:

The other day, I was reading a journal entry of marnanel's (who I know through chess and sath) when I saw a comment from senji. Now, I've known someone called Senji in the past, and lo and behold, when I look, it's the same person (interestingly, I've known Senji through two entirely unrelated places on the net in the past). He then proceedes to ask in his journal who I am, and when I reply to him, amgb2 then pipes up, apparently having known me from yet another different place.

Mummy! I want a new internet! This one is too small!

In other news, I thought of a really good way of trolling LiveJournal earlier today. I contemplated keeping it to myself in case I ever get really pissed off at support and want to get back at them, but I figured that I could come up with enough ways of doing that anyway, and this was fun enough to share. Create a custom mood theme, which looks identical to some sandard moodtheme, except it's actually a really, really wide (like, 3000 pixel or so) transparent gif. Then find a whole heap of really popular communities, and post to them all using your new mood theme. Result, thousands of really pissed off people who have to horizontally scroll to read their entries, and have no idea why.

Of course, I don't advocate actually doing this, because pissing people off is bad, mmmkay? And more to the point, if support gets flooded with requests about this and it takes us a while to figure it out, then I will kill whoever does it.

Oh yes, and I have a new bio on my user info page, a new set of interests which are almost but not quite entirely useless (my new favourite being "not having this interest" which at least two other people now also have) and a new default icon, courtesy of alsatia.

And finally, i realised the other day, that I have some prepaid money with planet talk (cheaper international phone calls type people), and while I'm sure I could transfer it when I move house, I figure that that's a whole lot like effort, and that the better option is just to spend it all. So, to all furrin type people who feel like receiving a phone call from me, please say so. I won't guarantee I'll ring everyone who asks, because I don't know excatly how much money I have, and besides, you might scare me too much or something.

Poll #153737 phone numbers

Leave your phone number here (only I can see it)

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I've seen marnanel before! He spods with some of my friends, stipe and percible.

*feels internet contract*

Incidently, have you noticed that alt.games.nomic has traffic again?

Now I want to know how you know chess (whom I know through GROGGs and marnanel. :) (What A Tangled Web We Weave, eh?)

I do so wish that my friend-of-friend scale LJ-link map was plausible to draw, unfortunatly it has O(10000) nodes....

I'd give you my phone # but it's in an easily accessible place already. And I'm almost never both awake and off the internet. And I have major phone anxiety and you'd like me far less on the phone than on the internet (assuming, of course, that you like me at all).

There are only 200 people on the internet adn Iam 6 of them!

Well, you should have my phone number (in my journal). So if you ever wanted to call me, I'm sure we can work something out so I can be near that phone, or I can work something out and have phone access here. Or I can try to get a phone card and call you if you ever want to talk on the phone. (It would have to be after the money situation is taken care of -- details on that will be coming soon in a *cough*hidden*cough*message.)

Take care, hon! *tight hugs* And I miss talking to you. *sniffles*

Need to get my own place. Need to get my own phone. Need to get my own internet access.

I'd love to talk to you! (though I'd probably be a nervous wreck at first :))

I'm rather nervous with phones in general, really, so i don't like phoning people when I don't know who's going to pick up or whatever. But if you can tell me a time, or poke me on AIM at some point and say "now" then I'll call you. I miss you too.

Sorry, its been awhile. >_< Things are just ... well ... *sigh*

I should be around tonight (providing they don't cut off the internet access).

But I understand what you mean about who will be answering the phone. *nods*

I gotta run, so take care and I so hope to talk to you tonight! *tight hugs*

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