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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
As I've mentioned before, I'm moving house in about two and a half weeks' time. One of the results of this will be that the server that currently hosts my email will be disappearing for a while. As such, I'm moving across to another server, kindly hosted by ccooke. I was going to wait a little while longer before doing so, but our server may die fairly soon, due to a combination of a dying UPS and dodgy electrics that are tripping constantly. As such, if all things go to plan, I'm going to be switching over at some point this evening.

For most people, this shouldn't make any diference, as I'll be switching all my mail forwarding over too. However, if anyone has either rachel@willow.dyndns.org or rachel@willow.22cr.org.uk or anything similar in their address book for me, please stop using it, as it's going to stop working real soon now.

Similarly, in an effort to cut down on the ammount of spam I receive, I've killed the really old email forwarding address that I had, womble@tmbg.org (well, I say killed, but what I've actually done is set it to forward to /dev/null@example.com, and emailed postmaster@tmbg.org saying that I've done as much, that there's no obvious way to kill an account on the website, and that they can kill it for me if they want). I highly doubt that there was anyone reading this who used (or probably even knew of) that address, but in case there was, please stop using it now.

For anyone who doesn't think they have a current email address for me, there are several million that will work, but the one I currently give out is rho@quoth.org.uk, so you can use that.

Finally, it's also vaguely possible that if my current mail server goes down soon, and mail forwarding takes a little while to sort itself out, then I could lose some email. I doub tthis will happen, and I'll probably know if it does, but it's something to bear in mind if you need to contact m with some important information for whatever reason.