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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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From mastermind... // blonde joke
delirium happy
I'm currently watching Mastermind. For Merkins and other aliens, this is a British TV quiz show. Now, it's important to realise that in Britain the quality of the prize for a quiz show is inversely proportional to its difficulty. The prize on mastermind is that the series champion gets a glass bowl. It's a quiz that people enter for the prestige, not the prize. This should give you some sort of idea what it's like.

But anyway, I was watching it, and the following question appeared (possibly paraphrased):

"On the internet, what name, derived from the phrase "web log" is given to an online diary?"


Oh yes, and also: hilarious blonde joke.

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I figured it out in one, but by then I was too interested to see where it stopped. I went about 10 until I got to someone's style who places the comments quite high on the page so I could see someone mentioning that they went about 22, and then got a 404page.

Two clicks, my roots must be coming through.

*snerkles at the blog question*

woops! i gave it away.

3 clicks on the blonde joke.

Well, that glass bowl does sound appealing.

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