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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Crossover deathmatch
delirium happy

The Luggage was bored. It was meandering its way across the universe towards Rincewind and it had been hoping to meet something interesting along the way, but the journey so far had been a real yawn-fest.

True, it was barely noon and it had already eaten a Death Star, a Borg Cube, a rabbit with a switchblade knife, and three Elder Gods. And yes, there was that time at around 9:30 when the two duelling wizards had put aside their differences and allied against it, sending out their pets (a phoenix and a hobbit respectively) to attack it, but they hadn't lasted long. And admittedly, decimating a whole colony of Smurfs had been good for a brief amusement, but it was over all too soon.

And now, to make matters worse, there was a large, round yellow sun in its path. To the extent that The Luggage could ever be said to think anything, it thought that this didn't really matter and that it would go straight through.

But then something odd happened. Odder than normal, that is. The sun opened its mouth and started to eat the nearby planet. If The Luggage had eyes it would have blinked. It tilted its lid in slight surprise, and also noticed that the sun was a lot smaller and a lot closer than it had previously thought.

It ploughed relentlessly onwards though, determined to get revenge on the little yellow dot that had fooled it, when something strange happened. As the little dot closed its mouth around another of the specs that The Luggage had previously identified as planets, it seemed to grow more powerful. The Luggage turned blue, and did something that it had never done before.

It turned its hinges and fled in fear of an onrushing Pacman.

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Rotfl! *hysterical giggles*

It's a masterpiece, c'est fantastique! Je t'aime! Je t'aime!

*cackles muchly* fantabulous. :)

You're sick.

I haven't read anything worthy of that comment in a long time.

Just popping in from an internet café in Serbia (Србија) to say I love you and miss you and hope you are well. Oh, and I've learned Cyrillic!! it's so cool. :D

So, I randomly found your LJ, and I have to say, EXCELLENT mood icons. They're SO CUTE. I love it!

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