November 11th, 2007

delirium happy

Obscure vocabulary ends world hunger

I find this site immensely gratifying. It's sort of like a cross between the hunger site and a vocabulary test. It asks you what certain words mean, you get them right, it makes a donation of rice.

The reason I find it gratifying — far more so than I should, I'm sure — is that I am primarily a mathematical and scientific based person. In the comparison between mathematical and verbal reasoning skills, my verbal reasoning skills tend to get left behind.

I generally tend to think that I actually have very good verbal intelligence, but it's just that my mathematical side is even better. One is that due to my scientific vocation, I tend to have a dreadful lack of knowledge when it comes to the other side of things. The other is that I hang out with wonderfully intelligent people, which makes taking a baseline comparison rather more difficult.

As such, it's most gratifying that I can score 49 out of a possible 50 on a vocabulary test. Yes, I'm well aware that it's almost but not quite entirely meaningless, but I'm still feeling smug over it.
delirium happy


From time to time, I consider taking up knitting. Generally, however, I get put off by people telling me that the best way to learn is to have someone demonstrate it to you in person. Which I don't have. However, based on comments in this thread, it would appear that it is, in fact, possible for me to teach myself.

So, questions for all you knitters out there:

1. What equipment do I need? I am at least vaguely aware that I need knitting needles and wool, but that's about it. If there are different types of wool or different types of needles (as I suspect there are) then I'd be totally lost. I also suspect that I'd probably need several things I'd not even considered, like sticky-backed plastic or sacrificial goats.

2. Where do I get such things? Ideally, somewhere where I could order online would be nice, since that would involve the minimal of human interaction, but failing that, what sort of actual three dimensional shop would sell them, and how would I find such a thing?

3. Does anyone know of any nice "teach yourself knitting" type guides? Preferably online ones, preferably ones with lots of pictures or videos, and preferably ones aimed at the terminally inept, who need to be told repeatedly to remember not to stab themselves in the eye with knitting needles.

4. What question am I failing to ask here which is vitally important, and more importantly, what's the answer to it?