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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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And a hypoallergenic dog
delirium happy
Don't you just love all the luxuries of the modern age that make life so much easier? Like credit cards, for instance? You can order things online or over the phone, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they can instantaneously verify that you have the money, take it off you, and get on with sorting out the relevant goods or service. Wonderful things.

Or so you'd think.

See, I mentioned a few entries back that I was going to get a new harddrive. I lied. I'm actually getting a laptop instead. I've been lusting after one for approximately forever, and the other day I was talking to my dad, who offered to pay for at least most of one for me. Which was an offer that I couldn't refuse.

So after a bit of research, and some sound advice from bobert225 and jc, I decided that I would be getting an iBook. Specificly, a 14", 1GHz G4 iBook with 640MB of RAM, and a 60GB HDD (OK, so I didn't lie after all). And also based on jc's advice, I decided to get it through the apple education store, for a nice healthy discount. Spiffy.

So, I rang them up yesterday, and went through all the normal rigmarole, telling them what I want, and then spelling out every last sodding line of my address in a painstaking manner (go look at it; it's horrible to give on the phone) and so on and so forth, getting the contact information where I have to send proof that I'm a student. All that sort of fun stuff. I then put my dad on to do the credit card details.

Cue more "yes, that's H for Harry" and other such merriment as the card details get given, and then more sitting on hold listening to "easy" listening music... and the card gets refused. How odd. Check the details. Yep, still refused. Hang up. Phone mastercard. And it turns out that they hadn't refused anything. In fact, no request had even been made on the card. Yet more grinding of teeth letter, it transpires that there's a problem with apple's system, but that it was being rectified, and we should ring back today.

So we ring back today, and lo and behold, there's still the same problem. Try different cards, and there's still the same problem. The guy on the other end of the phone says that he's put other cards through today, even other mastercards. My guess at this point "there's something specific to our order that's causing the problem". Much more being put on hold, trying more things, and being transfered to a supervisor later... it turns out that there is, in fact, something specific to our order that's making it not work. Specificly, the problem was with us trying to order through the higher education store -- nothing going through there was working.

So we ended up getting a direct extension number to the supervisor we spoke to, and told to ring back on monday, and if their system wasn't fixed by then then they'd enter it manually into the non-education system.

Don't you just love technology?

But yay! I'm getting an iBook! Technojoy!

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Was that an automated phone system? My school uses one of those to register classes with, those are the worst. I almost always have problems when attempting to register. Last time I think it took me five or six times to get it right. Ah, gotta love technology. Congrats on the laptop though, I hope you like it.

Nope. It was talking to actual real people. The phone system was fine -- it was their credit card checking system that was borked.

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