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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The Pitcairn Islands
delirium happy
While randomly browing wikipedia where I stumbled upon the existence of the Pitcairn Islands. Now, these are a British colony in the South Pacific, with a grand total of 48 inhabitants. There are two things that struck me about this place. The first is that dancing is apparently illegal, while at the same time 13 men (that's over a quater of the population) are facing charges of sexual assault against young girls. The reader is left to draw their own conclusions about this.

The second was the .pn domain. Because clearly, 48 people do need a whole TLD between them. They are, however, available for registration to the world at large. For US$200 each, I (or you!) could own, for instance, rachel.pn, rho.pn, cheese.pn, food.pn, writing.pn, music.pn... and so on and so forth. I somehow get the vague feeling that probably not all that many domain names had been taken, so I decided to try testing a few to see which ones had been. Unfortunately, sex.pn, casino.pn and microsoft.pn are all unavailable. Rats. Still, it looks like fertile ground for people who really want dictionary word domains and are willing to pay for them.

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I know way too much about obscure localities like the Pitcairns. This is probably because I memorize almanacs. Seriously. Have you tried wandering around the CIA factbook yet? I've spent hours there before.

I keep trying to think of a way to put something really dirty before .pn and have it run together, but I can't work it out. There aren't exactly a whole lot of words ending in "pn"...

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