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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Content? Nope, can't help you there
delirium happy
This is a content free post. It is made purely to test a new client. Specifically, iJournal. A MacOS client. Which I am using. On my new iBook. Which I still don't grok yet. This is almost a content free post.

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Mushroom! Mushroom!


I suggest havig a look for some mac OSX howtos, also http://www.macosxhints.com can have useful content.

If I think of any more I'll send them to you


Ooo, now you can do what i did and add every single mac community and mac syn feed to your friends list! Got a little lot of help from jc for that.

Squeee ibook.

iBook! Yay!

To get to know it, I recommend playing around with iTunes and your favorite tunes to just feel at home - then, jump on iChat for a bit. That's what I fist did with my Pleiades, just to get used to OS X (oh so different from previous Mac OS's) and the LCD screen (oh so LCD, and bigger than my previous screens).

For more help, I loved the MacWorld Total Panther issue with DVD - don't know where you'd find it in England, but there's always the website: http://macworld.com

Along with that, there's a guy named David Pogue who's written some wonderfully witty yet highly accessible books about Macs. I have many of these, and I read his oh so geeky Mac technothriller Hard Drive back in the day, and recommend it. Smart man, and you can check him out here: http://davidpogue.com/

His columns are great fun, as well.

I'm just so thrilled you've got a Mac now, you have no idea. Yeah, I'm a Mac geek. Don't hate me? ;)

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