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Well that sucks

OK, I am Not A Happy Bunny. And I had so much positive energy going, with the new-girlfriend-I'm-madly-in-love-with, and the going back to university, and the new ibook. Life was good. And then this happened. For those who haven't been keeping up at the back, I was meant to be moving into my new flat around about the start of February. Meant to be.

My dad's company is one of the companies involved in building the flats. At a meeting about 6 weeks ago, they said to their contractors (or something like that; I don't really fully grok the whole thing) that they weren't pushing to get it done as fast as possible, they just wanted a realistic date to work with and so on. This was when they were told start of february.

Now, 6 weeks have passed since then. Four of those weeks were full propper work weeks. Two were weeks where you really wouldn't expect to get very much of anything done due to christmas. Now, even assuming that they'd done absolutely nothing during this time, you'd expect the due date to go back 4, or maybe 5 weeks. And assuming that they had actually been doing any work at all, then maybe 2 or 3 weeks could be vaguely understandable.

But no. The incompetent fuckwits have now set a due date of mid march. Midd march! That's 6 weeks later than what they said last time. Suffice is to say my dad is as unimpressed by this as I am. Which is to say, very unimpressed.

This means that I'm probably going to be doing the Evil Commute From Hell for the entire rest of this term. I really, really, really do not want to do this.

I'm feeling all grumpy now. Someone do something to cheer me up?

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