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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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In search of a style that doesn't suck
delirium happy
Oh bugger. I'm metablogging again.

I used to use component. It was a nice style, and I had it all modified to my liking. And then its code got changed to make the form elements have the same colours as the rest of the page, which looked, it has to be said, ugly as fuck. So, after confirming that this was, in fact, deliberate behaviour and not some random cock up, I came to the conclusion that I needed a new style. And yes, I know that I could mess around with S2 to revert to the old behaviour, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to learn S2 right now.

So, a new style. I looked thrpugh all the system styles, desperately searching for ones that don't suck. This proved harder than I expected. The old ones are all... old. A sturdy gesture is naff. Digital multiplex has that bug in it where the page summary can take up most of the page, so that was out. The boxer looked vaguely promising, and I spent a while customising colours on that, but then I discovered that it really requires friends colours to be set or it looks crap, and I'm not spending huge amounts of time going through and doing that.

I'm currently using opal, which isn't too bad, but is annoying in several ways. Like, it would be so much nicer if the mini-calendar and linklist were above the page summary. Or even better, if they were along the top like they are in the boxer. And it can get broken by things like <img align="left"> followed by not all that much text. And what on earth are those random dots at the top for? I still have it using the horrble, horrible default colors because I'm not sure I'm going to keep it long enough to warrant playing with the colours. And anyway, I've just realised that it has the same horrible coloured form elements as component does.

So yeh. Does anyone know any styles that don't suck?

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Does anyone know any styles that don't suck?

No. That's the reason I've stuck with S1, because it's easy to make my own (I looked at S2 for a few minutes, then backed away rather quickly). And while my own have their own brand of suckage, at least it's suckage to my taste that I can easily modify if needs be.

Though, to be honest, I quite like the layout you have at the moment. I think it's simple but stylish. Though I'm not sure I'm keen on the positioning of the userpics.

In this style, rho, the reply and link box is at the top, which seems counterintuitive when most of the other styles have it at the bottom of the comment information.

That said, I agree with what windiain has said, and is what I've done (though, like zie, I've all my own fuck-ups and suckage).

Chris just made a new one, but I don't know what it's all about.

If you mean the one that's on my goathack, I made it a month or two ago, but it falls under a lot of the similar fallacies that opal and boxer fall into. (http://goathack.livejournal.org:8023/~crschmidt/ , /~crschmidt/?2sid=9 for some examples).

The order of the opal sidebar can be changed fairly easily using a theme layer - there's instructions in s2styles.

If you can find any S1 styles you like, I can probably turn it into an S2 style in an hour or two, if you'd like *shrug*

Yeh, I know that things like that can be changed without all that much difficulty. Like I said though, I just don't have either the time or the inclination to learn S2 atm, so that's pretty much out really.

And yes, I know I shouldn't be bitching about something where I'm not willing to put in the effort to make it better. I just find it somewhat annoying that I seemingly have totally different ideas on what constitutes good design to Kevin, so things that he adds as features are things that I'd consider bugs. And it's also annoying that things get changed in a way that I would consider to be "for the worse". But oh well.

One of the reasons that I've been able to stick with my current style so long is the pure lack of feature-laden cruft that most of the new styles have. Mendel keeps saying that the technology is leading the design, and the more I see, the more I agree.

Add to that the fact that Kevin is claiming that certain styles (*cough* Opal *cough*) are "his" without lending any credit to the original design (Opal on http://www.oswd.com/).

The styles that are being created now are feature rich, and option-poor. Kevin never started out as an S2 coder, and it's obvious from the way he does things. His use of options makes it clear that he's not native to the environment, etc.

Anyway, my previous offer stands. Any HTML design you find, I'll turn it into S2. http://www.livejournal.com/~47s/ is my most recent work, along with http://kamara.livejournal.com , etc. etc. Besides, I like a challenge :)

Good luck in finding a style you like. I know how much it can suck not making your journal look how you want it to. If you want help, lemme know.

Yes. That's exactly it. They're all options poor. Which generally means that unless they were made to exactly coincide with your exact aesthetic tastes then you're screwed unless you know S2. It's like a lot of LJ front-end things -- it all seems incomplete.

Maybe I ought to actually learn S2, considering how much I hate S1, but meh.

And I may well take you up on that create-a-style offer. Can you work to specifications rather than an example page? It would be much easier for me to say what I want than to find an example page. Or maybe I could do the html myself. Or maybe not, since I suck at that.

I suck at doing HTML, otherwise I would have offered that right away :) My best skills are in taking HTML and convering it to S2: I have no design skills whatsoever.

However, lucky for you, there are people around who can do fun design-things. Ike, for example, or adcott, or any of those nifty people. They'd probably be happy to do up a style for you, and I'd be glad to turn it into S2.

I need a challenge, so I'd be up for trying to design a style to specifications if you want. Bung them over to my LJ email address and I'll give it a shot :)

Also, if you like component except for that change, I'd be happy to write you a theme layer to reverse it for you...

I feel in need of a new challenge, so I'm happy to have a shot at creating a style for you based on specs if you want. Drop them into my LJ inbox and I'll see what I can do :)

Also, if you liked component apart from that, I'd be happy to create the appropriate theme layer to reverse the change for you...

Suckage is subjective; I'm using a lightly modified Punquin elegant, because I don't care enough to put in serious time on the layout.

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