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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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bored // annoying lecturer // interview meme
delirium happy
Now is one of those wonderful times where there's an hour between my lectures, but I'm too tired to do anything productive. Which means that I randomly sit around in the computer room getting annoyed at the random people who ignore the millions of signs that say to "refrain from making unnecessary noise" and so on, and so sit and make a random LiveJournal entry despite having nothing to say.

I'm obscenely tired today and I don't know why. I probably got about 7 hours of sleep last night, which is a bit below what I actually need, but not far enough below to explain why I'm so totally dead today. When my dad came and woke me up this morning, I wasconvinced that it couldn't possibly be morning yet, and was in fact still the middle of the night, as I felt as if I still needed a whole lot more sleep. And given that it was 06:30, I suppose I was right. Bah.

I've already fallen asleep in one lecture today, but given that it was the one with the most annoying, patronising and generally crap lecturer that it has ever been my misfortune to have, I'm really not feeling too bothered about disrespecting him like that.

This guy really annoys me. For instance, as part of one of our worksheets (that counts towards our final mark for the year) he specified that we had to take notes from a certain section of FLAP (which is like a text book, only not). It is not his job to tell us how best to learn. Some of us will learn well by taking notes. For others of us, paraphrasing a section of FLAP will do nothing but eat up our time. It doesn't demonstrate any useful skills or anything like that. All it shows is the ability to copy from one piece of paper to another. Yay. Stupid, stupid, stupid. You concentrate on teaching us maths, and setting us work to see how good we are at that. Leave it to us to determine how best we work?

Similarly, he also made a big song and dance about how he thought we should all buy ourselves books to do all our work in, as students generally tend to lose things if they do them on file paper. It wasn't just a "you might want to do this" sort of thing, it was a protracted "I strongly recommend this because I don't trust any of you to have organisational skills" sort of diatribe. Which also annoyed me. I mean, sure, a lot of incoming students will be morons with no organisational skills, and who need constantly telling to do work, but that's their problem. Let them make their mistakes, or they'll never learn from them.

And then there was the time in a lecture where he asked who would be able to reproduce some proof of something. Nobody put their hand up, so he decided that that meant that we obviously didn't understand it and that he had to do it again. No, it meant that we hadn't memorised it yet. There's a really big difference between that and understanding. I know how to read and how to use a telephone, but that doesn't mean that I've memorised the entire phone book now, does it?

And this is getting ranty, so I think I'm going to stop with that tangent now. But anyway, the point of the matter is that he generally shows us no respect, so I'm damned if I'm going to show him any when I'm tired and have a headache. And he wasn't going through anything interesting or difficult anyway.

The extra half hour of sleep did actually manage to help wake me up slightly too, which is going to be useful since today is my long day. Lab class this afternoon. Yay. Doing atomic spectra. Yay. Spending three hours staring into a little eyepiece at coloured lines. Yay. And getting a headache doing so. Yay. That will be fun. For extremely small values of fun.

I not only hate, but also loathe and despise optics. It is a horrible, horrible sadistic subject. And yes, I know that it gives us things like microscopes, and glasses, and the laser, and all sorts of other things without which modern society would be next to impossible in the form it's currently in, but I really really think that the world would be better off without it. Still, we're getting this one out of the way in the second week of term, while we aren't too dead. And planning on leaving Hooke's law until right near the end.

And I've babbled and babbled and still I have another 15 minutes or so before I need to leave for my next lecture. Let's do the interview meme. You all remember the interview meme, right? If not, here are the rules:

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Or something like that. Anyway, it reappeared on my friends page yesterday, after a long absence, so it's time to do it again.

Here are the 5 questions that sarianna asked me:

1. What is your middle name?

Louise. Which makes me a warioress ewe, iirc.

2. What's your hair look like now anyway? Last I saw was your hair experimentation on your webspace.

Right now, a mess. Like, even more of a mess than usual. I ran out of conditioner (remembered to buy more yesterday though), and it's been getting rained on and blown around a lot while walking home, which really hasn't helped it look any better. It's almost entirely its natural brown colour right now, except for a few tiny bits at the tips that are blonde from when I dyed it pink. It's around about shoulder length, and fairly curly. Most recent me photos are here (warning: contains nudity. not work safe. do not click if below 18. may contain nuts. your statutory rights are not affected).

Question 3 will follow in a friends only entry at some point in the future. Probably theis evening.

4. When was the last time you cried and why?

Last wednesday night, because my new flat isn't going to be ready until the middle of march, and I got very worked up over this, and ended up being convinced that I wasn't going to cope, and from their deducing that I was far too broken and useless and generally crap, and yeh. Not fun.

5. What is the most vivid memory of a sunrise you have?

I really honestly can't remember any sunrises. I guess this isn't all that surprising, since I am very much not a morning person and not an outdoors person. I'm sure I must have experienced a few, but none of them spring to mind. The most interested related experience that I can relate was when I was on holiday in Iceland with a couple of friends, in the Summer when we were 17. We were up late playing cards or something, and we decided that we'd go to bed when it got so that it wasn't light enough to see by. You may have spotted the mistake there already. It didn't. There were a good few hours of twilight, but no proper dark. So I guess the sun up there was fairly memorable, even if not an actual sunrise. I probably ought to make a specific point of looking at a sunrise or two at some point, just so I have a less crap answer next time that question gets asked.

And that's good timing. It's lecture time now.

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Ooooh. I'm always looking for an excuse to bring back the interview meme. Thus, I politely and timidly ask that you interview me, please.

I spent far too long thinking about these questions. Which probably means they should be better than they are.

1. What is the best piece of advice that you could give to anybody?

2. If you were going to a haloween or fancy dress party and could get absolutely any costume that you wanted, in a money-no-object sort of way, what or who would you go as? (and you aren't allowed to say "whatever costume I could sell for most" or anything like that. The costume/role has to be for its own sake.

3. What religion are you, if any, and why is this the case?

4. Why do you keep a LiveJournal?

5. What is your favourite species of bird?

I'm an interview whore. Will you interview me too? :)

1. Who are you? No no, I know that. I mean who ar you? Really? Deep down? When you take away all of the random outer layers?

2. Would you rather dye your hair pink or green?

3. What do you do that not enough people know about or more people should try? (Be it a hobby, a charitable cause, an obscure band, or whatever.)

4. In an ideal world, without having to worry about annoying things like money, offending people or legality, what would your dreram wedding (or commitment ceremony of some sort) be like? In full gory detail. (clothes, guests, music, location, etc.)

5. What thing (or things) do you really want to do, but don't have the courage to do, or are too afraid of the consequences?

Oops. I forgot to answer this a long time ago.

1. Scared of failure. Somewhat elitist. Really fond of love and sharing it. Sharing lots of things, really, but now when it won't bring me harm, unlike in 2004. I judge myself more harshly than I need to. When I'm not sure about what to do I like to think about what my Papa would be proudest of me for.

2. Enhhh, green, I guess. I really hate pink. I don't actually like dyeing my hair at all. I used to henna/cassia it but that was primarily to make it stronger and/or look more like Kira Nerys'. I generally like my natural color and take slight offense in general to people suggesting that I should change it. Not here, obviously, it's an opinion question rather than, "you'd look so good with your hair $color" which implies it doesn't look good as it.

3. Hopelessness, in the Tibetan Buddhist sense. Not grasping for things or people or G-d to fix one's situation: not expecting some cosmic babysitter or lover or chocolate to make existing not hurt so much, but relaxing into the way reality is. It's a really hard concept to put into practice but what I have managed has seriously reduced my anxiety.

4. Midsummer, early in the day, at City Hall, with a Justice of the Peace, and whatever pretty-but-comfortable outfit I felt like wearing--right now that'd be my summery purple faux-bodice dress that I got in St. Augustine, Florida, during April vacation 2001. Then a smallish BBQ with friends and small-subset-of-family in the afternoon/evening, in a green space preferably with the ocean or a lake nearby, where I can at least dip my toes in the water. Music... okay I totally fantasize about that party's music when listening to my iPod or the radio, but I can't actually think of any of it at the moment, sorry.

5. I want to have a baby by the time I turn 35 [when the risk factors go up] but I am afraid to a. start dating people who aren't FOAFs, b. get involved with a woman because that makes previous goal much more expensive and less likely to happen, at least here where insurance costs are a major issue, c. fuck up whatever thing it is I have with someone really important to me, again, and d. I have at least until I finish college to get over all the other things but also I kinda want to move to the UK anyway and that's a scary big thing too, and I don't want to get involved with someone here and then ask hir to uproot hir whole life.

Please do me too!

1. How is your university course going? How interesting are you finding the work? How easy? Do you see yourself doing what you're doing now long term (like, for a job and things like that)?

2. If there was some sort of bizarre law passed saying that every person was only allowed to wear a single colour of clothing for the rest of heir life, which colour would you choose?

3. What are you most proud of?

4. Why do you keep a LiveJournal?

5. What political issue or issues (topical or otherwise) are important to you?

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