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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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(I wonder if I could pull off that outfit?)
delirium happy
I'm bored. As such, I've turned anonymous comments on, and IP logging off, and am doing the "leave me some anonymous comment saying what you really think/saying a random fact/admiting to a random crush/complaining about world shortages of camembert/whatever" meme. Go on. Knock yourselves out.

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i've been wondring this for a while ... it's kinda weird so i wasn't gonna ask but...

what's sex like for you? physicaly?

Very variable. Depending on my mental state at the time, and how big Issues I'm having, it can be either a completely repulsive prospect that I wouldn't dream about entertaining, or it can be pretty much how I imagine sex is for most people -- fun, intimate, pleasurable, and all that sort of stuff. Bearing in mind that it's been a long while since I've had sex, so I'm going off slightly hazy memories, I'd say that most of the time it has a slight weirdness to it, but the good outweighs the bad significantly.

The actually biological part of it is also, perhaps, slightly odd. I'm trying to avoid going TMI since this is, by necessity, public, but what I will say is this: my hormones are weird. Really weird. Having really weird hormones makes your body not work quite how you'd expect in lots of interesting ways. One thing that it does not do, however, is alter the number of nerve endings you have.

And I hope that that at least vaguely answers your question.

(it's also worth adding that I will pretty much never object to someone asking me a genuine question -- I may refuse to answer, but I won't mind being asked)

Ok well I am procrastinating from Systems Analysis (the bullshit alarm was giving me a headache) so am playing with Bicon plannage of stuff...

I dunno if you are coming to BiCon (it's not really relevant) but as someone who has been to conventions and has/had depression what advice would you give me to implement at a convention to make depressed/distressed people's lives easier?

If you aren't that bored you don't have to answer.



What on earth did you do to deserve being involved in planning for a bicon?

And hmmm. The main thing for me was always to have the ability to retreat and to be alone for a while. Without that for prolonged times, I have a tendency to break.

The other problem I see is the people who will just sit in the corner because they're too scared or intimidated to get involved, which sucks (especially if you've paid $lots to be there). I dunno how you'd get round something like that though. Maybe have people tell you prior to the event that that's a worry for them, and then have someone who can go around and check up on people every n hours and see how they're doing, and then, if necessary, help them out or hand them over to someone else or whatever?

One of the problems is, everyone reacts differently to that sort of stuff. And most of it just goes on inside the sufferer's head, and there's no way to tell what they're thinking, and they generally don't want to tell. Maybe just add a note in some sort of literature saying "we are sympathetic to this sort of thing, so if you're having problems, please let us know" or something like that? That would, at least, stop people from being stuck with nowhere to go at all.

And I hope that some of that is at least vaguely helpful.

I got lynched by Jenni and as I have a lot of respect for her I figured what the hell. I am disability minion so it isn't a HUGE job, I'm too disorganised for much more organised than this.

Thanks for the info, that is useful, backs up what I already know and then some. There was a suggestion of a peer support network for newbies/vulnerable people so that they are paired up with someone who checks up on them (by mutually agreed method) and makes sure they are ok.

I knwo some people like sitting quietly watching the world go by, others may be freaking out/getting scared etc. The various ideas for quiet spaces will be looked into as well, somewhere noise/smoke free aka relaxed calm space will be worked on.

I know mental health is an issue people flagged up as needing more attention, but didn't really get any useful info off (yet). I am working out my access review checklist atm in an attempt to be organised.

I am going to discuss with Jenni and the rest of the team about how best we can ensure people know it is ok to 'have own space' or ask for help. In the past I think there have been quiet safe spaces with someone who is designated counsellor/something so that can be made clear.

I don't know if you ever saw the handbook for 2000 (I haven't been to bicon since 2001) which was an A4 guide to workshops/events/ents/Stuff(tm) which means people could read stuff up and whatnot. I also remember a section for workshop leaders to introduce themselves which was nice cos it gave some context to some people which when you know no one is good.

Thanks for your reply, I am generally gonna bug everyone I know about various things to get persepctives so I don't end up with a Natalyaised view - I hope to be able to see outside of my little box.


What on earth did you do to deserve being involved in planning for a bicon?

She's insane.

(Screened comment)
The former. Quite a while ago.

And through a long period of soul searching, communication and head-fuck.

And I'm screening the comment this was in reply to, because. Well, not because I'm trying to keep it secret, but there are a couple of possible Bad Things that could happen as a result of it being public just at the moment. And don't worry about it -- there's no way you could have known this, and I'm probably being paranoid.

So what was this question about? That's my question.

About something I'm not going to talk about in public at this time. Duh :)

Sorry! I forgot that was private information, though most things that your friends would ask about would be privileged in one way or another.

Mea culpa.

I'm drunk. I dont' think this will post.

It ididn't annonymous.ly. Apprently, I'm a spammer.

I'd really love to have sex with you, but I doubt you're attracted to me.

I think you are beautiful. I may actually have a crush on you.

Ignore this please and thanx.

I don't understand the previous two comments.

I don't believe in the concept of "gay marriage"; for me, marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Other people are welcome to their own opinions; this one's mine.

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