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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Interview from sath
delirium happy
1.What was the last book that you actually enjoyed reading?

I enjoy reading more or less everything that I do read. Currently I'm reading Diamond Age (Neal Stephenson) and Learning Perl and am enjoying both. i'm finding the former very slow going and the latter isn't exactly the sort of thing with a ripping plot and rivetting characters. Before that, I had quite a spell of re-reading. The last book I finished was The Amber Spyglass (Phillip Pullman) which I like a lot.

2.If you had to go round the world in 80 days, how do you think you'd go about it?

Well, if I had to, I'd probably just take a train down to london, then a train to the far east, then to somewhere in the states, then back to England, on the grounds that that would probably be the cheapest and also would disrupt my actual life the least. However, I'm going to make the assumption that I'd be given a nice substantial budget for it, and that my life would be otherwise arranged so as to be minimally disruptive, so as to allow me to do a good go at it. And since it's incredibly easy to do so with modern technology, it becomes a place of which places would I like to see.

I have no idea if this would actually be possible, but I'm not going to spend time planning a feasible itinerary for something that I can't possibly do anyway. So something like this:

First off, I would take a flight to Oslo. I would then go north up the Norwegian coast, taking in some of the fjords and things. I would then like to go east across northern scandinavia, through Saami country, on dog sleds and things like that. From there I would then take trains down through eastern Europe, where I would go through Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and then Greece. I'm sure there'd be lots of places I'd enjoy seeing along the way, and spending maybe a day or so at interesting cities, or whatever, but the ones that jump out at me are St Petersburg, Riga and Athens. From Athens I would then fly to Egypt, to take in some of the sites of historical significance there. The next stops would be around south-east Africa. I don't exactly know how I'd travel around there, since I don't know what planes are like there, but my aim would be to travel as quickly as possible to Kenya, then hang around there a while, go overland a bit, go looking at pretty animals and what have you, and then for some reason I've always fancied Madagascar, so I'd go there as quickly as possible and then hang around there a while. After that, I would fly to Australia (dunno how many changes I'd have to make, but I'm not greatly interested in seeing the places in between). Not really sure what I'd do in Australia, but it would seem wrong to go around the world and not go there. Maybe I could look at nature, or interesting cities, or just go visit deslea (or any other Australians I know -- she was just the first to spring to mind). Then it would be on to New Zealand to say "oooh, pretty" a lot. I would then take flights to Fiji (brief stop) then Hawaii (brief stop) then LA or Seattle (connection only) then to Alaska. In Alaska I would say "ooh, pretty" a lot more. Then, I would go, as much as possible, overland down through western Canda back to the states (where I could properly stop off in Seattle), and then go on a road trip right across the states, with lots of stops to meet all the people I know from various parts of the states. I owuld finish off somewhere around New England, from where I would take a flight back home.

And if that would take over 80 days to do (quite probable) just chop off random bits of it. It's not as if it's difficult to make it on time, it's just a case of how much you get to see in the middle.

3.What's your favourite plant/flower?

Flowers are evil things that ejaculate all over the place and make me sneeze. If I was being boring, I'd say the potato plant, as it makes yummy potatos. Otherwise, I think I'll say some form of cactus. I dunno why, but I like cacti. Maybe I should start keeping them when I move.

4.If a dog was not called a dog, what should it be called instead?

A cow. For maximum confusion value.

5.What was your favourite toy as a child?

As near as I can remember, it was the board game, Coppit. This game sadly seems to have been forgotten by the internet, with this being the best site about it that I could find. It was a Ludo-esque game that I used to sit for hours and hours on end, playing against myself, and inventing more and more convoluted rules, to ensure that the game lasted for a very very long time and the player who I wanted to win won. Yes, I was the sort of child who got excessive amounts of joy from playing boardgames against themself.

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>If a dog was not called a dog, what should it be called instead?

My too-early-in-the-morning brain says "how about a god, for even more confusion value?"

>What was your favourite toy as a child?
>As near as I can remember, it was the board game, Coppit.

Wow, I used to love that. Not for the game, but the orally addictive geometry of the little hat pieces. Make of that what you will...

is The Diamond Age the book where a child is taught to read by an electronic book set in Victorianish times? I'm trying to find a copy of this story but can't remember the name. I know I read this book at that time but can't remember what it is called.

(Deleted comment)
thanks, that's brilliant, now I know what to look out for

I picked up a few books at the same time as I was doing my thesis on Science Fiction and hadn't read any of the more modern stuff

Mmm Coppit, the pieces stick on your fingertips like fake nails.

Voyages Jules Verne were selling train journeys to Hong Kong for considerably more than the price of a flight there... though this may be to do with 'things to do on the way' and you can probably get Trans-Siberian tickets cheaper if you tried.

It takes a looooooong time, but not 80 days. You then would have to fly to 'mercia because boats are hideously expensive, drive accross and fly back to Europe ...

Talking about dogs and cows reminds me of the dogcow.


I have a good friend called Moof, and as an old stylee mac user I used to have a moof on my desktop.


Yes, I was the sort of child who got excessive amounts of joy from playing boardgames against themself.

me too! i played chess against myself and i played backgammon against myself and i remember playing shoots and laddders and scrabble and you may be familiar with the phrase "i hope my left hand wins" when playing things like uno or go fish or double solitaire or war! i used to play that by myself too.

Me too. We're all a big bunch of dorks.

I'm not positive I thought of doing it on my own though...my uncle did the same thing when he was young, so I'm not sure if I did and was then told that I was "weird like Greg" or if I heard about him doing it and decided to try it myself.

Yahtzee is particularly fun to play alone. :)

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