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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Wanted: two words
delirium happy
I was wondering last night if words exist (preferably in English, but...) for the following two concepts:

1. The opposite of serendipity. Unfortunate chance. The sort of thing Murphy's law thrives on.

eg: We thought that we'd made sufficient precautions, but a series of antiserendipitous events caused it to blow up in our faces.

2. A noun form of holistic.

eg: Some people like to focus on individual elements, but I prefer holisticism.


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1) I know there's got to be one, but all I can think of is "malfortune".

2) I've heard "holisticism" used before, and by an English professor, if that makes it all the more legitimate. :-)

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Oh, I think the Sri Lanka connection makes it easier. There wasn't a word for serendipity until Walpole made it up in 1754. So there isn't a word for the opposite until someone makes it up now.

Opposites of serendipity

Opposites of "serendipity" according to Google: there are lots of suggestions.
  • acerbendipity (after the writer's username)
  • columbusity ("having a discovery present itself and not recognizing it when you see it")
  • zemblanity (William Boyd, Armadillo-- many citations). From Nova Zembla, a polar opposite of Sri Lanka
and the BMJ says "we need a word", too.

Zemblanity seems to have the greatest mindshare, probably due to being found in a printed book.

instead of unserendipitous events, how about just "bad luck"? or you could use "misfortunate" or "unfortunate," which don't quite imply the aspect of luck but could in the right context.

instead of holisticism (or holism) you could always say "i prefer to take an holistic view"

what i'm trying to say is that you can always restructure your sentences if you can't find a word that's the right part of speech. not that it isn't fun to try to search for/come up with specific words!

antonym for serendipity

the word is: Zemblanity :-)

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