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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Conspiracy theory of the day
delirium happy
Today, I have written 5 emails to actual, genuine, real live, flesh-and-blood people (two to sarah_mascara, one to mortaine, one to amphoteric, and one to Elizabeth-who-doesn't-have-an-LJ (that I know of). It has been, quite literally, years since I was last that productive with email. I'm typically a very bad email correspondent, which is a shame, since I like email. It's a nice medium, with a nice combination of speed, and ability to go away and think on things if necessary. So I'm happy about that.

I've also come up with a nice new conspiracy theory. As anyone who has ever been active on mailing lists or Usenet, and many people who have sent email, will know, Outlook Express is horrible at quoting. Most mail clients, when auto-inserting line-breaks, will not do so on lines that are quoted. OE does not make this exception. This leads to the "widows and orphans" effect, whereby single words of quoted text get pushed onto the next line, looking incredibly ugly. And naturally, the longer the exchange gets, the more ugly this becomes, and the greater the necessity to tidy things up manually becomes.

Now, one thing we all know about People, is that they are lazy. They don't like having to tidy things up, so they don't. I believe that this is deliberate on behalf of Microsoft, in an attempt to force people to abandon interleaved quoting, and luring people over to the ways of top posting. The result of such a paradigm shift would be to kill of the remaining three Usenet groups where rational debate takes place, as rational debate is a natural place for anti-MicroSoft propoganda sentiment to come from.

Or actually, I don't believe that at all, but it does make a nice conspiracy theory.

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I do interleaved and top quoting both depending on who I'm talking to. I guess I take my cues from whomever. I'm odd that way. I guess I prefer interleaved quoting because it means you don't have to scroll much and it's easier to figure out what refers to what, but it also makes me want to respond to every single little thing which is good for those who want a detailed response and bad for those who don't have time to read hugely long e-mails.

This reminds me, I ought to look through my jeans and see if I can find the paper I wrote people's e-mail address on and e-mail them, Ben, Lindsay, and Danielle, like I said I would. maybe tomorrow.


I do both too, to some extent, though I do greatly prefer the interleaved way of doing it, not least because it's how I was brought up. I started out on mailing lists and Usenet in the mid-to-late 90s, when things had gone slightly less far towards hell in a handbasket than they are now, and that was just The Way Things Were. So it's just the way I do things.

I don't really mind top-posting for brief emails between two people. When there's absolutely no dnager that iether of them will have forgotten what was quoted. But for any medium with many readers, or anything complicated, it just doens't work.

i'm not used to mediums with many readers. I do belong to a Hungarian Bahá'í mailing list where I get a varied amount of e-mails (sometimes multiple a day, sometimes not for a week or so) but I've only posted something a couple times. Top posting seems to be the way to do it, but then most threads don't get going and stay going past a few replies, and things are often short. I don't always read the longer things, requires too much effort as it's in Hungarian. I think the funniest one that I haven't read yet had a subject line of "did an epileptic fit turn Saul into Paul?" (where the Bible says it was God that made Saul recognise what he had done wrong and make him to be good and then Saul recanted his bad doings and made himself Paul.)

I'm rambling.

I rarely top post, but occasionally leave the full email at the bottom if I am replying to someone (like university disability people) so they can check for context without going back thru their email client.....

Interleaving is how I do emails and yes it does have a tendancy to get long - I am known for being too verbose in email. My record is an email exchange where each email was aprox 48k of text and took 4 hours of almost solid typing to complete.

I ought to do some email at some point, I never write LJ cos i have nothing interesting to say and I have friends I need to keep in touch with.

I used to do a lot more email than I do now.

I top post emails at work, because I have to use Outhouse there and I'm lazy.

Nice theory. I suggest you endorse this to anyone unwilling or unable to use anything other than OE. It makes OE suck less.

I was going to suggest that as well.

Though I have no personal experience with it, I've heard a fair amount of good things from others.

(Deleted comment)
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