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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I need my head examining
delirium happy
OK, somebody please shoot me. After jproulx's recent post to news, I'm vaguely considering going back into the firey pit of teen drama that is LJ volunteering. Not support. That would drive me insane. Instead, I'm contemplating going back to being active in userdoc. I liked userdoc. Or possibly back to support but only ever touching syn. And I am thinking that I'll go back to abuse after I have more time for it.

Somebody please explain to me why this would be a really bad idea. (hell, or try to convince me it would be a good idea if you want to)

Oh, and isn't it odd that I'm generally LJ-positive after seeing stuff from jproulx or rahaeli, and generally LJ-negative after seeing stuff from bradfitz or sandy?

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I was thinking about that very thing this morning.

Actually, I was thinking that sandy should be an I1, at most, in all Support cats. No one with "fitz" in their username should be allowed to post unscreened anywhere. And that, if some peoples' mothers would undergo the basic support/customer service training that a fifteen year old on our site seems capable of mastering, that LiveJournal would not only be more professional, it would probably make more money.

-applauds- Yes. That would make everything so much more wonderful and there would be bunnies dancing and I would be happy and things would be good.

/me does not mind Sandy in herself too much, but thinks she deserves supporthelp just as much as I do (which means I think she does not deserve supporthelp)

Don't do it - it's a slippery slope......

From experience after quitting LGB committee after too many years walking away completely is only way to do it, partial coming back to do a bit doesn't work, people will suck your time and energy out of you till you have none left and have to use precious NervousEnergy(tm) to escape again.

Anyways I'm fux0red, need to sleep and can't do that till I've written my abstract for my dissertation so that's my 2p for the night


I seem to manage to do support without getting caught up in drama, teen or otherwise. This may just mean that I am too old and tired to notice most of the drama, though.

I think that, with support, the more time you spend on it, and the "higher up" you go, the more drama you get. If I can go back and just write the odd answer here and there, then that would be OK. Whether I can do that without getting caught up in the Drama and the Politics and other such things, I'm not sure.

but honestly... it's the hanging around in IRC that really gets the drama. at least, in my opinion.


Totally different type of drama. Being on IRC isn't too bad. I can happily ignore people I don't like. As a SH/admin, there will be random people who complain about why they weren't approved or how TPTB are out to get them, or how support sucks, or whatever. And due to things like "courtesy" and "professionalism", they can be a lot harder to ignore.

That sounds plausible to me.

I won't lie: I think you're a fabulous volunteer and would be very happy to see you working on things again.

But I also think you need to do what's best for rho. So if you think about it and decide you are indeed nuts to consider this and it's a bad idea, then I completely respect that. :)

Paragraph 1: Yay!
Paragraph 2: Not going to try and persuade you in either direction.
Paragraph 3: Was that sarcasm?

What she said, on all three counts.

All sounds like a workable idea to me, but it rather depends on you and how well you'll end up handling it, which I can't predict.

1. :)
2. thank you.
3. Probably. I osmetimes find it hard to tell the difference these days.

ooh, abuse abuse abuse abuse.

there's no pressure in userdoc

one of the reasons I never tried to get higher privs than my obscure ones is that I didn't have the spare time and attention that further commitment required, I don't like it when I feel pressured to commit more, if I wanted to commit more, I would, and when I don't want to, I don't commit. syn, userpics and 10 point Gunks suited me just fine.

these days I'm much happier playing in lj_test, lj_research, lj_biz and lj_dev discussions.

and I'm now writing a book... something I would not have time for doing Support.

PS. for those who don't know me, I'm not bagging Support, I think it's great, but there comes a time to put it behind you

i think rho should run teh site !!111

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