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delirium happy
It is 02:38. I cannot sleep. I need to get up tomorrow later at approximately 06:20. This is not a good combination.

Grump. Grump. Grump.

(and in other news, I'm getting bored of my moons. Havig to look up the current phase of the moon every time i make an entry is getting tiresome)

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I am just about to bedit, expecting to be all insomniacal like I have been all week. First exam tomorrow, information systems shite which I don't know and will be winging and then some.


Hope you get some sleep, hopefully I'll get more than 4 hours which I NEED to survive the exam.

Moons good, I like your moons, but yeh, effort.


*g* My roommate's boyf installed Gentoo on my box and it has a moon phase thingy next to the clock. It's spiffy.

And it probably means that you notice when I'm slightly off with my userpics as well. *double-grump* (although a slightly more good-humoured one this time)

Use something like Deepest Sender, maybe, and fix it so it sets the right icon automatically?

I played about a bit with deepest sender when it was new, and it generally didn't agree with me. I can't remember the details, and it might be better if I gave it more time to get accustomed to it, but my memory of it is mostly that of really bad WYSIWYG editing, which didn't do what I expected it to.

Go down to wmMoonClock.

But that's only if you're using an Window Manager that supports docking of apps such as Windowmaker ;)

Good luck though - didn't realise you had different phases of the moon as a usericon though, very cool.

Hmm, I'm fairly sure it'd be reasonably trivial to adapt an image-changing script from somewhere like NMS and tie it in with a PotM calculator to return the correct image for a given time. Of course, this would involve some LJ style tweaking to display this script instead of your usericon, but humph.

You could also look at the previous post and see how many days it's been since then, but yeah, I can see why that would be tedious.

I hope you did get some sleep, dear. *smooths your hair*

Can livejhournal take the image as a URL?
If so, it would be trivial to write a little php script that could calculate the correct phase and generate the image for you. It could even "appear" to be, say, http://server/image.png :-) (or gif, or whatever)

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