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IoP // email
delirium happy
Today, I got an envelope through the post from the Institute pf Physics. Even more excitingly, the envelope had some content in it. I am now a student member of said institute (for free, paid for by the university). Also included in the envelope is an IoP diary, which is much like any other diary, except that it contains things like SI units and prefixes, physical constants and so on. And a map of the British rail network, which I've been wanting for a little while. It also means that I now have a new email address,, which is now forwarding to my main account. I'm thinking I might well start using, because it's a whole lot cooler than some random vanity domain (of which I have far too many, which, apparently seemed like a good idea at the time, and which now sit around not doing much. Actually, if anyone wants a forwarding address at any of these, for some reason, then feel free to holler). So, what email address should I use?

Poll #243771 email

What email address should I use (eg, give out to people, have as my from: header, etc.)
always the canonical form, and change whenever that changes
some other address I've forgotten I have

If I should use one of my random vanity domains, which one sucks least?



Random comments?

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Hrmm, do you get to use anything like Would help with Homi's point.

Can I have a forwarding address please? I'm not immediately sure whether I want vr or redbird, though.

Sure. Just let me know which one you want, and where you want it forwarding to, and I'll set it up for you.

(Oh, and for the record, be aware that it will be provided "as is" with absolutely no guarantee of working, and all other standard disclaimer type things. So don't try using it for a vital million dollar business contact and then sueing me if it doesn't work :))

Seeing that list of vanity domains makes me wonder whether is taken already...

Ooh, IoP diaries! I feel all nostalgic now.

Not that I ever had one myself, but they did have cult status amongst my group of friends.

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