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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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whine moan complain. please ignore
delirium happy
There hasn't been a whiny, tearing-my-hair-out sort of entry in here for a while. That's about to change now though.

My sleep patterns are FUBAR. My natural tendencies are still to drift later and later, which is not a Good Thing when trying to keep vaguely normal hours. With a full week of hvaing to get up, this wasn't so bad. I couldn't drift later, because if I did I'd die of exhaustion, so I did end up actually getting to bed early. But now, with Wednesdays off, I seem to be getting nowhere near enough sleep on nights where I have to get up, and far too much sleep on other nights. For instance, I got to sleep last night at about 4am, and then woke up today at about 3pm. And I have to get up at about 6:30am tomorrow. This is, obviously, not good.

And quite apart from all the really obviously ungood elements of this, it is also leaving me with the attention span of a butterfly on cocaine, and the emotional stability of a three year old. For instance, I have some work to do today, which is going to be fun, as I have no clue what it's actually about, having failed to pay any attention during the past week's worth of lectures for that class. Add to that the fact that I won't be able to concentrate while doing it, and I'm expecting Fun. On the emotional stability front, I just ended up practically in tears from reading my friends page. Which was Really Bloody Daft considering what was on there. I'm just on a hair trigger, it would seem. Anything that isn't quite how I'd like it to be, and there I go.

*sigh* can I just move out already?

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*smooths your hair and squeezes your hand and untangles your sleep patterns gently with a comb.*

I'd hug you, but you're cranky. I'd beat your sleep pattern with a stick, but I think the sleep pattern is inside you, and beating rho is not good for ensuring my future health.

So I'll throw the earth out of its current orbit so the length of days totally changes. That'd help.

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