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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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LJ valentines thingy
delirium happy
OK, so I finally gave in and did the LJ Valentine System thing. I put down 6 people in total. All of them are intended in the "I find your ideas intriguing and would like to learn more; please subscribe me to your newsletter" sort of manner, and not the "let's move in together tomorrow then have lots of sex, have kids and live happily ever after" variety. I'm sure you're all intelligent enough to figure that out anyway but I'm feeling excessively paranoid today.

Along similar lines, people may also wish to be aware of 140204, where the wonders of anonymous comments allow you to be as stalkerish as you desire.

Edit: I also ought to add that this is, as far as I remember, the first form I've ever had to fill in which had a "polyamorous: yes/no" question on it. Which also happens to come at the first time in a long time when I was unsure what to put for it, since "possibly. single now. will end up figuring out what I'm doing when I actually do end up in a relationship. am possibly open to either way. who knows?" wasn't an option. Forms truly are out to get me.

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heh. something there for me. that made my day a teeny bit brighter.

I was amused that it distinguishes "lesbian" from "gay" and that its default is "female" and "gay".

I signed up and then realized that I'm not at all sure how I want to use it, so haven't put anyone's name down as a potential valentine.

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