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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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US // perl
delirium happy
Two brief and entirely unrelated things:

1. It is possible, although by no means even remotely certain, that I may be visiting the continent of North America this summer (by which I mean, my dad suggested I do so, I thought the idea didn't totally suck, the one person I mentioned it to also thought the idea didn't totally suck -- it's at that stage of planning). Specificly, I think that I'd be most likely to wind up in and around the north-eastern corner of the US, as that's where I there's the highest concentration of people who I could shamelessly bum shelter from who I'd really love to meet. I suspect that if I do end up going I'll mostly stay with one or two different people and make excursions out, but I don't know. So, if I were to go out there, who would want to meet up with me? And who would be willing to put a roof over my head for a little while?

2. As long time readers of this journal will probably know, I go through phases occasionally where I attempt to learn some sort of programming, generally perl, and always fail utterly. Now is one of those times. And I realised as I lay in bed last night that making an automated version of the <lj user> counter thing I did the other day would be a nice beginner project, on the grounds that it should be sufficiently simple to actually do, and yet be sufficiently interesting to be motivating. I poked my toes at this for a little while earlier and, as is traditional, failed utterly. <> is entirely failing to work as I expect it to. I'm contemplating making YA new journal where I can randomly ramble about this, those who are interested can laugh at how pathetic I am and occasionally offer hints, and so on. But that's going to have to wait until tomorrow, as I told mysef I'd go to bed at 2am at the latest, and it's now 3 minutes past.

And I've just realised that I haven't done an update that's actually aout what's going on in my life for a few days now, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow too.

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We'd like to meet you and could provide a roof for a little while.

Unfortunately the whole living with my parents thing prevents me from having a roof to offer, but I'd love to hang out with you!

I'd like to meet you; a roof is less certain, because the partner (whom I live with) is an introvert and probably wouldn't want me giving house-space to someone he hasn't met.

dude, i would totally put up with you!

granted, i have no idea where i'll be at that time, or where you'll be, or if you could make it over here or whatever.. .

but, yeah! definitely mention this again. i'm going to have a high paying jooooobbbbbbb... that means i can afford travel! so wherever you are, maybe i could hop over there and say HELLOOO.


Despite your subject line I feel I should point out that all the cool kids are in Canada. You could call your trip a World Tour, in parallel with the World Series of baseball.

I knew that really. Poor though my geography is, I just about managed to realise that Canada is, in fact, right next to the north of the USA. Some further research on my part, and I figured that the particular bit of Canada in question was one of those rare parts of it that is inhabited by actual real people and not just polar bears and lichens.

So then I thought "Wow, I could go to Canada too. That way, I'd not only get out of the jurisdiction of Bush (well, directly at least) but I'd be able to turn a great big chunk of that stupid map meme red". There was also the bit about seeing cool things and meeting nifty people, but they were both fairly low down on the list of priorities.

So anyway, there I was, thinking "Yes. Canada. Muct be inclusive. Must pick my language carefully" and so, in the first paragraph I very carefully stated "North America" and "in and around the north-eastern corner of the US" seeing as how bits of Canada do, indeed, fit both of these criteria. And lo, I was proud of myself. And lo, it was good.

And then time passed. And after I'd written most of the rest of the entry, I noticed that it was later than I wanted to be, and was, in fact, past my bedtime. And so, in a rush to get finished, I scribbled down any old subject, with scant regard to accuracy or aesthetics.

With hindsight, this was rather pointless. As is demonstrated by the fact that two hours later, I can't sleep and so am writing excessively long and rambly comments with no content whatsoever.

And by the entirety of this comment, I do, in fact, mean "yes".

If I'm in my apartment by then, which I plan to be, you can totally stay with Jeff and I for a bit. Of course, we're not exactly north east, in Ohio, but yeah, it'd be schweet. :-D

i live in the northwest, which you probably wouldn't make it, too, but i even have a spare mattress-esquethingy!

I'm contemplating making YA new journal where I can randomly ramble about this, those who are interested can laugh at how pathetic I am and occasionally offer hints, and so on.

I'd certainly be interested in reading that.

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