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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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US // perl
delirium happy
Two brief and entirely unrelated things:

1. It is possible, although by no means even remotely certain, that I may be visiting the continent of North America this summer (by which I mean, my dad suggested I do so, I thought the idea didn't totally suck, the one person I mentioned it to also thought the idea didn't totally suck -- it's at that stage of planning). Specificly, I think that I'd be most likely to wind up in and around the north-eastern corner of the US, as that's where I there's the highest concentration of people who I could shamelessly bum shelter from who I'd really love to meet. I suspect that if I do end up going I'll mostly stay with one or two different people and make excursions out, but I don't know. So, if I were to go out there, who would want to meet up with me? And who would be willing to put a roof over my head for a little while?

2. As long time readers of this journal will probably know, I go through phases occasionally where I attempt to learn some sort of programming, generally perl, and always fail utterly. Now is one of those times. And I realised as I lay in bed last night that making an automated version of the <lj user> counter thing I did the other day would be a nice beginner project, on the grounds that it should be sufficiently simple to actually do, and yet be sufficiently interesting to be motivating. I poked my toes at this for a little while earlier and, as is traditional, failed utterly. <> is entirely failing to work as I expect it to. I'm contemplating making YA new journal where I can randomly ramble about this, those who are interested can laugh at how pathetic I am and occasionally offer hints, and so on. But that's going to have to wait until tomorrow, as I told mysef I'd go to bed at 2am at the latest, and it's now 3 minutes past.

And I've just realised that I haven't done an update that's actually aout what's going on in my life for a few days now, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow too.

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dude, i would totally put up with you!

granted, i have no idea where i'll be at that time, or where you'll be, or if you could make it over here or whatever.. .

but, yeah! definitely mention this again. i'm going to have a high paying jooooobbbbbbb... that means i can afford travel! so wherever you are, maybe i could hop over there and say HELLOOO.


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