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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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life would be less confusing if we all just had serial numbers instead
delirium happy
The following is an insomnia induced entry about nothing in particular.

Does anybody else find themselves frequently confusing LJ users who they don't actually know, but who they see refered to often/occasionally/at-a-given-time-interval, due to vaguely similar usernames? Personally, I have great difficulty in distinguishing between elfgeek and elfbabe without thinking about it very hard indeed. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I've recently developed a similar blind spot for drmoonpants and moominmuppet. And their names aren't even all that similar. I'm sure that if I actually knew any of these people remotely that it wouldn't be at all hard for me to remember the difference. The problem comes when I just see the names written down occasionally and think "wait a minute, I thought that they were friends with $some-person. do they know $other-person as well?" before realising that no, they are in fact totally different people.

I told you it was about nothing in particular. But yo had to go read it anyway, didn't you? Silly you.

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perhaps if you're confusing drmoonpants with moominmuppet, I should at least know zir. (Their names aren't all that different: both start with m, have double 'o's and a 'p'.) That is, btw, moominmuppet in my icon; that's the sort of identification that often helps me remember, maybe it'll help you?

And I often do that- I often confused tidesong with ocean_song until ocean_song dropped me. (Which she did because I never commented, which I did because I was convinced I'd embarrass myself by confusing information betix the two users.) I still confuse a few people, based mainly on them occupying the same niche and not having distinctive enough usericons.

I'd be very surprised if you didn't occasionally get naranek and narenek confused, too.

confusing users

It happens to me, too.

My favourite when I started out LiveJournalling was tisoi and ugly_boy who were both fairly active in linguaphiles.

And then you see references to people and wonder whether they're the same or related or completely different, such as amyvartdal and emmavartdal.

I actually have trouble with people on my friends list sometimes (and I mean people who've been there for a long time). K names seem to be my big downfall. Ocassionally I'll see a post from kamara or kisama, and think it's very not like them, then realize I'm just a frigging moron who can't read.

I have this problem with kirylin and kyrlin whenever I come across either of them. I get very very confused.

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