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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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General life update
delirium happy
I should be working now, but I'm not feeling particularly well, so I'm writing a journal entry instead.

As I mentioned the other day, my brain has not been working properly. I decided that monday would be Day Off To Retain My Sanity day. This is a Good Thing, as I rather enjoy being sane. At this point I'm very very glad indeed that I'm registered as a disabled student. Mostly it's a non-issue, but at times when I do need it, it's nice to have it there. I think it was barakta who recommended I do this, so thanks to her. Or to whoever it was if it wasn't her.

I emailed the physics teaching secretary to say that I wasn't in, and what have you, and got a reply back saying that there was absolutely no problem, and that if I was off for less than a week then I'd just have to sign a slef-release medical form, or something, and that everything was fine, and I wouldn't be docked marks for not handing in work.

With this in mind, I decided that I'd take Tuesday off as well. I felt a little bit guilty about this, as it meant that Elizabeth would have to do the lab class on her own, but not sufficiently guilty to make me want to go in. As Wednesday is a day off for me anyway, this gave me plenty of time to get my head on straight, and to do my work in a leisurely fashion. I haven't actually finished it yet, but I've done a decent amount of it. And my sleep patterns are still screwed up, but oh well.

I'm also still feeling full of snot. This is getting on for 6 months now, and is very annoying. I coughed up the entire contents of my lungs and my stomach earlier, which wa sless than fun. But oh well.

On the plus side, I now have no more lectures with my annoying lecturer of doom, having missed the last ones while I was off, which I just realised now.

I'm also curious. I remember a while ago, someone (possibly sarianna though I may be misremembering) saying that I never wrote anything actually about me and as a result they didn't actually know who I was. I've been making more of an effort since then to write more, both in general, and about what I'm doing with my life. So my question is, have I succeeded? Do you actually get a better picture of who I am now? And to the people who used to say they really looked forward to my entries, because they were so rare, do you still do so now that they're common again?

And now I go back to work. Magnetic fields. How delightful.

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(Deleted comment)
I dunno if it was me, but I am glad you did it (I never really worked outy if you did or not). The support for students with mental health issues /should/ be improving as universities are being made more aware of the reality of such things and that it does not mean you are a skive.

What support do you actually get? Do you get funding for anything specific, photocopying allowence or something?

The fact you also have very high grades overall will show them that when you are down you need the time, or if you hand in work which is of seriously lower standard they can take it in light of your usual standard.

I have found that if you have an official indicator on your file then they will be much nicer and not force you to go to the GP every 5 seconds like they would for someone without a pre acknowledged and identified thing. Fortunately as I keep breaking in more obscure and interesting ways I have been able to get Drs notes and things to back me up.

I am glad taking a few days has helped, I am also glad you have been able to get some work done. I will keep recommending people with health issues similar to yours to apply for support and stuff - even if you only use it once it has been worthwile, hell even if they get to see X% of students with such markers it acheives something. Shows we're not all your typical 18 yr old drinking lots and being too lazy to do work (disclaimer: with the obvious disclaimer that some of said 18 yr olds are fucked in the head, find uni hard to cope with etc etc).

In the end, I didn't apply for DSA (due to an unexpected attack of morality, given that I don't actually really need it), but I did register as having a disability with the uni. I don't really get anything specific in terms of support, again because I don't really need it -- notes are all on the web, for instance, and physics isn't a subject that requires a million and one library books or anything like that. The main benefits really were that I got to go to all the introductory talks for disabled students in freshers week so I know what facilities are available should I ever need them, and have a million and one leaflets somewhere around the place, and the having a note on a bit of paper that makes people be less snotty with me if I do need time off, and enables me to kick up a fuss if they do. Definitely worth doing all the same.

Cool. I agree that for your course DSA might be a bit much, but glad you were able to get the support you need by just registering. I think that indicates your uni has reasonable systems in place.

I know people who have got silly stuff on DSA and it bugs me, cos they blatantly don't need it, they admit as much - yet others wait over a year for vital DSA stuff and barely get anything.

Still glad things are working out for you and hope they will continue to do so.


Yep, that was me. :) But yes, I feel like I'm beginning to understand you. And this sounds dorky, but it makes me smile. I can't wait to start my letter to you! =)
*hugs* Hope you feel better, sweetie!

Now that's just spiffy, because I'm looking forward to rceiving it. And then when I do, I can reply to it. I vaguely contemplated the thought of writing to you before that, but I figured that that would just be a good recipe for Confusion. And I have lots of other nifty people to write to, so I shall Wait.

Magnetic Fields


I like it that you update lots. I still look forward to your posts.

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