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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Valentine's day poetry, for anyone who wants it
delirium happy
Roses are red
Oranges are orange
Sugar is sweet
And... oh bugger.


Roses are red
Or sometimes purple
This poem is bad
And the rhyme scheme is awful


Roses are red
My crayon is ochre
This line's a filler
To a poem mediocre


Roses are red
Uniforms khaki
If you mock my poem
I may just get snarky

--and finally--

Roses are red
Fuscias are fuscia
So come over here
And let me seduce ya.

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Bwaha! I like the last one.

I love them, can I use them with my students? I'm teaching poetry next term, I'm going to start off with non rhyming stuff but the second week we're doing simple rhymes

How about this:

Fruit of ruby
Pearl of blood
Red of love
Thy gift I give

Actually, I got this off a spellbook... It's part of a charm "to be given as a pledge of love".

I'm almost tempted to write that in the Valentine's card I've made except for the fact that it would probably scare Nathan away.

I like them very much.

Heh. Those poems were pretty funny. I may need to steal a couple, not being a believer in Valentine's day myself.

Hi Rho! I've just had a recommendation from Senji to friend you. So I have! I just thought I'd let you know. :)

I've added you back. Just an advanced warning though, my friends list is already too big as it is, so if I unfriend you before too long then it probably just means that I've found yself skipping over your entries, rather than that I actually have anything against you. And as such, even if I do remove you at some point in the future, then you're welcome to keep on reading me if you find me interesting. Or drop me at any time if you decide I suck. And yes, I know this sounds negative for a first communication, but I find that on agregate, doing this sort of thing cuts down the Drama in my life, which can only be a Good Thing.

This is true. I seem to be looking for a tad more drama in my life, which is why I'm expanding my friends list. But no offence will be taken when you take me off, as I'm sure you will. :) I'm not terribly interesting.

I love them!
Can we, please, have some more?

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