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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Instant messenging
delirium happy
Bah. This is my second time posting this. The first version randomly decided it didn't feel like showing up on friends pages.

Can anybody recommend an instant messenging client that doesn't suck?

A while ago I used trillian. I actually forget why I stopped using it in the end, but the main reason was that it was driving me insane.

I then switched to bitlbee, which is a nice IM to IRC gateway type thing, which mendel provided for me. And for a while, all was well. But then MSN stopped working on it, and the fix, apparently, required some sort of over-restrictive version dependency on some sort of vitally important doohickey. Oh well. I could live without MSN. But then more oddness started to happen. For instance, no matter how hard we tried, lidian and I could absolutely not manage to see each other online. And then just recently I tried adding sarianna to my AIM buddy list, and this started happening:

[22:51:29] <root> serv_got_update() for unknown TOC handle $username:
[22:51:29] <root> loggedin = 1, type = 17

With great regularity. I count about 30 over a one hour period. What this actually means, I haven't a clue. Quite what it's doing using TOC rather than OSCAR, I also haven't a clue.

However, the net result of all this is that bitlbee is driving me crazy.

So, my next idea was to try downloading gaim, as I have heard Good things about it. This actually proved harder than anticipated, as I had to beat firebird (yes, I know I should upgrade) into submission first. That done though, it downloaded and installed no problem. First thing I notice is that Y!M doesn't work. Checking the documentation, it would appear that I live in the wrong country for it. Oh well, I don't use yahoo much anyway. Second thing I notice is that my AIM buddy list is split into about 7 or 8 different fragments, undoubtedly through use of so many clients in the past. And it turns out that I can't actually figure out any obvious way to move buddies from one group to another. at this point, I conclude that gaim is probably sufficiently annoying to be able to drive me insane in short order.


1. Does anybody have a clue what sort of crack bitlbee was smoking?
2. Does anybody know how I can beat gaim into submission?
3. Can anyone recommend an IM client for windows which doesn't suck? Or one that only sucks a little bit.

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1. Sorry, not a clue, but if you find out, I'd like some.
2. Not a clue, I only used it a little bit, and hated it.
3. I would have to say Trillian even though you said it was driving you mad. I have Pro v2.01 (not legal), and it's absolutely lovely. Other than that, I don't know...:-\

(Deleted comment)
1. No, I only smoke weed so I don't notice other sorts of drugs.

2. With a STICK! or maybe a flogger... ;)

3. *grin* Use Trillian Pro 2.0--I would bet you started getting annoyed with the spyware on Trillian .07. The newest paid version is awesome, and I would be more than happy to give you my registration code. :)

Bitlbee is losing the race against the providers, who try to keep unauthorized clients out. I'll try to rebuild it later this week. (I don't use it much on earthquake anymore, so I sort of forgot about it.)

*nod* I figured as much. That's still an exceptionally bizarre error message though. And the thing is, the problem isn't going to go away at all, and I feel bad bugging you to update things (I'm the same with one of my other friends who provides my email for me -- I'm getting something for nothing, and if I point out when it's down I feel as if I'm whining about the Free Stuff I'm getting not being good enough). Hence the general search for a new client (though I may end up sticking with bitlbee if I fail to find anythign that doesn't suck).

GAIM - Just click on the buddy name and drag it over to the group you want it to show up into? That's what I did last night when I misadded a buddy to the wrong group.

1) no, bitlbee's always been tolerable for me, dunno what's going on there

2) I couldn't make GAIM connect, even, let alone do anything remotely useful

3) diffrentcolours has already suggested Psi, so I'm not actually going to get to say anything useful here, except to agree with him. It's lovely, and is near-identical under both the OSs I use on my desktop day to day.

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