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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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No work // Dark City // Annoying Lecturer // Letters // Client Suck
delirium happy
Having no work to do this weekend was remarkably pleasant. I enjoyed actually having 2 days totally off rather than just one. I'm actually feeling quite tmpted to try to get all my work done during the week from now on, to try to repeat the experience. I don't know how long this will last though.

The other interesting result of not having any work to do was that the gap in between lectures this morning which we normally fill by finishing work and comparing notes, was totally empty. This space ended up being filled, in part, by watching a film. Dark City, specificly. Fun film. Pretty much the same as The Matrix except with fewer explosions, less bad acting, and more artsy wank.

Two new lecturers today as well. For once, we have a maths lecturer who is British and has an accent I can understand at 9am on Monday morning. This is a Good Thing. The lecturer for physics 104 (thermodynamics) is a different matter. He's another of those lecturers who seems to think that we're all about 3. I kept expecting him to say "now do you know what a thermometer is boys and girls?" or something like that. I looked at the homework he set as well, and it was no better. Of the 5 questions, 1 was "convert these temperatures from farenheit to celcius" and another was "convert these temperatures from farenheit to kelvin". Yes, these really are worthwhile questions to ask a group of physics undergraduates from a country where farenheit is hardly used. No really. *stab*

I'm actually getting a feeling of deja vu writing that, as I wrote most of it earlier today in a letter, because I couldn't think of anything more worthwhile to talk about. So apologies to the recipient of that letter, who will get the information twice. I've discovere that I can write one short-to-medium size letter in the time when I'm waiting for my train. Two written so far, which i'll probably post on Wednesday, and I suspect I'll write at a rate of about three per week now. Which is fun.

And in entirely unrelated news, I've just finally got around to downloading LochJournal 2.0 beta. My verdict: nice, but unfinished. There are still no windows clients that don't suck. I'm still being very tempted to post to suggestions that there ought to be an official client again, though I get a vague feeling it could lead to Drama.

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i'm the type that would declare such homework an insult to my intelligence, not do it, and fail the course. but don't listen to me. :)

(I've somewhat curbed these tendencies over time, but it was very strong when i was little.)

I did actually do that with one question from my other incredibly patronising lecturer. I just refused to do one of the questions though, and did the rest of the homework, so I still got something like 70-80% on it. I don't think I'll do that this time though. I may well gripe at the director of studies when I see him on Thursday though.

i did this quite a bit in the first grade, when i was six and felt i should be learning multiplication, not addition. my teacher must've hated me for stuff like:


the only ones i'd get right were the ones starting with 0.

this one time, when i was ten, i was accused of plagarism for something i'd actually written. the teacher said "don't copy things out of encyclopedias" that also encouraged the "this homework assignment is an insult to my intelligence" attitude i had.

it can come around and bite you in the end though. so i'm getting better at it.

do complain to the director about it.

I have a whole lot of stuff that I have to complain to him about already. It's meant to be a 10 minute meeting (it's compulsary for all first year physics undergraduates sort of thing) but I have something of a feeling it may take me a little longer. Although, on the other hand, I don't have anything to discuss on the "why I suck" side of things, which I'm sure several people will.

Oh yes. I know this feeling well. As evidence, I present a note from my 2nd grade teacher, written on one of my mid-terms:

"Sarah is doing very well! She does not always want to do her assignments. If she isn't interested she simply doesn't do it. Unfortunately, this affects her grade (reading) from time to time. I think it is important for Sarah to learn to do things (school work), even the things she would rather not do."

Firstly, my reading grade (the one she was making a big deal about) was a 94%. The others were 97%, 98%, and 99%. Secondly, she was a total fuckwit. Constantly spelling things wrong, giving incorrect information in class, and not being able to recognize when the solutions in the backs of our books were wrong. Perhaps, if she'd been less of a fuckwit, she might have realized that my lack of desire to do the work had absolutely nothing to do with not being interested in learning it, and instead was due to being mind-numbingly bored with how bloody easy the work was.

Flipping through the rest of that year's scrapbook, I see things like the assessment test for the end of a "magazine" (that is, section) of our reading book which says, "Sarah had such great scores that we are skipping magazine 3 and beginning Towers!" Towers being the next level of reading book, which I suspect we were never intended to reach anyway. My question, which I've never received a satisfactory answer to, is why would they skip the entire group to a harder book based solely on my scores, particularly when that didn't benefit me in any way because it was still several years below my ability level?

Bah. *bitter*

Dark City is great.

And I have similar problems with an Master level class, when we get code and the assignment says: "Runs this code, if you can, implement it in another language." Come on, it's copy and paste, something anyone at that level should be able to do in 4+ languages in a couple of hours *shakes head*

Even in this benighted country, that's a ridiculous homework question to be asking physics undergraduates, since it's simple arithmetic. The formula can be looked up if you don't happen to remember it (and I grant that 5/9 is not the most intuitive of ratios). Besides, it just encourages people to keep thinking in Fahrenheit, instead of getting a feeling for Celsius.

Oh, I know it's totally ridiculous to ask anyone at this level. I just think that it's even more ridiculous, if that's possible, to do so in a country where we don't even much use fahrenheit any more. But yes, totally agree with everything you say there.

Or you could say The Matrix is pretty much the same as Dark City, depending on your point of view (Dark City came out a year earlier).

Yeh, I know. I wasn't trying to imply cause and effect or anything, but rather to provide a comparisson with a known frame of reference. Or something.

I found this extra amusing since while talking to you about snow we both said how annoying it was to convert from F to C, and now you had to do it. Haha!

Seriously though, I could almost see it here in the US, not because a college student really needs the practice, but more as a reminder to remember to check to make sure the units aren't in Fahrenheit to begin with. But anywhere that wouldn't typically have that problem, those problems are completely asinine.

I had a third/fourth year english class that was taught like kindergarten, made me so pissed off I dropped it, twice. Turns out that the teachers for this class were themselves in a class instructing them to do it just like that, and the time I didn't get fed up and drop it was the time the instructor said, and I quote "This is bullshit, we are now going to teach this the way I feel it should be taught and not like some damn elementary school class" I really enjoyed her class after that.

convert these temperatures from farenheit to celcius" and another was "convert these temperatures from farenheit to kelvin". Yes, these really are worthwhile questions to ask a group of physics undergraduates from a country where farenheit is hardly used.

Have some sympathy for a poor engineering (ex)student. Not only did we have to do those sort of questions repeatedly but we keep finding people do use ridiculous units (such as mmHG rather than kPa or BTU rather than watts). In my current job, pressure is routinely converted into metres, which doesn't even make sense!

See, this is one of the reasons why I could never be an engineer. It sounds ghastly. Of course, you could always go and work for NASA where they don't actually check that you remembered to use the right units...

Before going to the trouble, it might be worth making sure there's a good case for officialness driving not sucking. At a cursory glance I'd expect an official client to discourage competitors from innovating rather than encouraging it, and then you really, really have to hope that the official one is the one you want.

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