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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Memes // drinking games // friendship // random boring stuff
delirium happy
[Insert coloured bar here]
Not filling my friends page with bloody stupid coloured bars is love.


In other news, I'm growing quite fond of this whole "getting enough sleep" thing. I could grow accustomed to it. I've actually got enough sleep for both of the last two nights, and it feels so good. Not being exhausted all the time is so fun.

I haven't really been doing a great deal with my life the past couple of days though. Commuting is still annoying. My thermodynamics lecturer is still a git. Life is proceeding. I'm writing an entry with no content, purely because I haven't updated for a couple of days. Still letter writing. It's fun. Aha, something fairly interesting to write about.

Our lecturer for circuit theory is Max Lazarus (yes, that really is his name; I think he might be a James Bond bad guy or something) the same one we had earlier in the year for rotational dynamics. I think I uttered a comedy slow-motion "noooooooo" when I found this out. As you may guess, this is because he's somewhat annoying. Not nearly as bad as the thermodynamics one, or the one I had earlier this term for series, but still somewhat infuriating. On Tuesday, I thought up a way of making his lectures much more interesting though: Max Lazarus, the drinking game. Take a drink when:

he says "look after the sense and the signs will look after themselves" (quote from Tweedledee and Tweedledum)
another if he then carries on to explain that Lewis Carol was a mathematician
one every time he mentions the differences between two editions of our text book (whihc is pointless, since everyone in the class has the same edition)
one every time he mentions how it's vitally important to take notes and not rely on revising from the ones on the web
another if he does so while staring obviously at someone (normally me) who isn't taking notes at the time
one every time he mentions an antiquated nomenclature that nobody uses any more

And so on and so forth. OK, so hardly fascinating, but it gives us something to snigger about during lectures. Yes, I'm easily amused.

Oh, and in other other news... I quite often (relatively, I mean) speak about how it's so difficult to actually make friends over LJ. In general, the people I read on LJ are the ones I know from elsewhere, and the ones I add at pseudo-random, I mostly don't end up getting to know. Obviously, there are a few exceptions, but that's how it mostly works. So it's kind of nice when an exception does actaully happen, and it feels like it's worth documenting. Having vaguely-stalked each other on LJ for the past few months, I finally actally spoke with sarianna on AIM yesterday, which I think is a fairly good delimiter for a boundary between random-lj-comments and actual-friendship. So huzzah.

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ASCII is love.

And Carroll didn't write "look after the sense and the signs will look after themselves", he wrote "look after the sense and the sounds will look after themselves". It's a parody of the proverb "look after the pence and the pounds will look after themselves."

Hmmm. He probably either got the quote wrong, or figured that nobody would know, or bother to look it up. If it was the latter, then he was, apparently, entirely correct. Just a good job I know smart people who can correct me.

you should totally do this and see how long before he notices.

We used to play BIngo with a professor who said the same things over and over.

There was a web page where you could download a bingo card, and then you'd play throughout the course of the class.

At one point, someone actually yelled Bingo! upon winning, and that was the end of that amusement as the page was taken down by the school. Though I believe it later resurfaced on a non-school web server.

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