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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
OK, this is most heinous. goatse.cx has been suspended by their registrar. Apparently, the Christmas Islands' registry don't like any sort of pornography in their domain, so the site got killed. It's been dead for about a month now, and nobody thought to tell me about this? I'm deeply upset. More information at wikipedia or kuro5hin.

There are three things that I feel are noteworthy about this:

1. The .cx registrars will act to take down inappropriate content if and only if they receive a complaint about it. Despite much moral outrage and "please won't somebody think of the children!" this January was, apparently, the first complaint they received. This amuses me.

2. They still are yet to see a complaint about goat.cx which contains exactly the same content (URL deliberately left non-clickable to prevent accidental or compulsive clicking. If you want to know what I'm talking about, then you'll have to copy and paste. Trust me, though, when I say that if you don't know what this is then you really ought to keep it that way. Do not go and look at that site).

3. The owner of both goat.cx and goatse.cx was a guy called Matt Miller. I used to vaguely know a guy called Matt Miller (he was Idiot Boy in Ackanomic -- kendaer and senji may remember him). I'm left wondering if it could possibly be the same guy. Odds are that it probably isn't, as it can't be that rare a name, but from what little I used to know of the guy, I really wouldn't put it past him. Curiouser and curiouser.

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Wikipedia has quite a good writeup for those who haven't seen it and want to know what it is without actually subjecting themselves to it.

.cx is a strange organization; a friend of mine had a .cx domain, and they put it on hold over a year ago and only bothered replying to his repeated e and snail mail a couple of months ago. I suspect that goatse.cx only got suspended so recently because for some strange reason the company was completely unable to function for nearly a year.

For your enjoyment, the similarly left-unclikable http://www.hektik.org/various/goatse/pages/goatse_02.htm has the full gallery from which goatse came.

Given that I know at least two other Matt Millers here in the Seattle area, and neither of which are IB, I strongly suspect that this is yet another Matt Miller. Though, given IB, it could just as easily be him :)

Wow, I just lost over an hour of my life thanks to compulsive clicking and compulsive copy/pasting disorders.

And sorry, I'd have told you goatse was down if I'd realized you didn't know and wanted to.

The site was something of a phenomenon, although completely disgusting. The domain .cx apparently belongs to the Christmas Islands. They have a fairly strict policy about people using their domains, and someone complained, so they removed the site. The letter of complaint can be found here (PDF)

If you really want to still see it, you can still find the site in the internet archive here. Of course there's always Tubgirl Warning NSFW and gross.

Me I prefer oralse.cx

We've been pointing people here instead...

Microsoft told me it was safe to copy and paste URLs! Bah, I'll never trust them ever again.

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