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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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How do you know me?
delirium happy
Oooh, I like this one. Yoinked from ghoti.

I've been wondering about this sort of thing for a while, about different groups and cliques, and overlaps and such things.

Please tell me, if you would be so kind:

Where and when did you first hear of my name/see my work/'meet' me?

With what people/series/groups etc. do you associate me?

If we've met in Real Life, where and, if you can recall, when?

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I think Izzy had you friended, and I thought you looked interesting. However, I think you're sort of disconnected from other people in my mind, as I don't think you know my other friends. I'm one of those friendgroup-merging people...most of my RL friends are also friends with each other, which works out well because it eliminates a lot of drama. w00t.
okay. back to bed.

Well, it's as you said. u.p.p, and we've never met irl.

I don'ty really mentally associate you with anyone other than vaguely upp and sath, though.

I can't remember when or where I first heard about you but it must have been through 36, kimble or barakta.

I associate you with them since I first met you in real life when hanging out with them at your house.

we met online many years ago in ICQ or #ICQ I'd guess, then in person in a tent in a field and you had bright pink toe nails

I think I picked you up first through AFP, although I only actually met you through sath at marble's house and that vaguely associated you with the Snowplains crowd, even though you barely used the talker. I associate you with LJ-support and with AFP, mostly, and also with 'people who are unconventional and hence interesting'.


AFP, even though I don't read it and have no idea if you still do.

Yes, your parents house late one night, just before getting back into a white van and being driven down to a field near Leicester.
Possibly various houses since then, Lancaster and wombwell probably.

Nope, I have nothing to do with AFP any more, and generally my reaction when they're mentioned is along the lines of "oh gods, them".

First saw you posting to afp / css. Then saw you on IRC, then met at Nattie's wedding. I think...

AFP. We met for the first time at CCDE 2000 and I had Adam in tow. I thought you were beautiful then and I still do :)

Take care hun

(Deleted comment)
Nope, can't have been through Emma, as I didn't friend her until a good while later, so I'm fairly sure it was directly. Don't know which of us friended first though.



AFP, all the way, I'm afraid. I'd noticed your posts on A.F.P, but I only really spoke to you on IRC, and to the day you're associated with #afp in my head, even though you don't do afp anymore. I suspect the first time we met was probably one meet or another, possibly CCDE.

Support. Not all that surprisingly.

I first heard of you through support and then you friended me a couple weeks ago.

If I were to put you in groups you would be "support" and "English People"

I've never even been to Mexico or any countries on my own continent, let alone any other continent.

in the supportlounge post that started "it was the last green cust request on the board"

oh, other questions too. i associate you with support people, and also with a vague group of people called "your friends list" in my mind. i also associate you with my best friend, who has your same name and your same e-mail address and your same LiveJournal.

and we met in real life in the end of august or the beginning of september 2003 in london with kamara and ela and emma

Through Support. Still Support, even though you don't do it anymore. No.

I first heard of you - conciously, that is - at a picnic in Nottingham organised by Supermouse... sometime in 1999? That is, it was just around the time you transitioned and people were commenting, and I was trying to remember if I'd met you before. (I'm sure I'd seen you around before, but I have very good mental filters...)

First time we met was probably in Oxford some time...

Associations? None, really. you're just you. Sorry ;-)

We had actually "met" at that point, in that we had been in the same room at the same time, but I don't think we actually spoke or anything like that -- Lancaster dragon meet at Livi's, April '99.

Well, since I just added you seemingly randomly, I will explain now why. I was googling myself (yeah... I know... but we all do it) and came across your list of mp3s. So... that's my story, pleased to meet you.

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