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Well that was unexpected
delirium happy
solcita posted a link to okcupid, and seeing as how I was bored and had nothing better to do (other than, like, work), I went and did their iniquitous personality test thing. Now, I don't know exactly how many users that site has, but it then claims that two of my top ten global matches are people who I vaguely know of but don't know -- lnr and livredor, to be specific. Now that's just freaky.

Edit: And now it's listing solcita as one of my top links too. This is amusing me.

Edit 2: And now darkmoon as well! I'm far too easily amused. I should just close the site and run away now before it comes up with anyone else I know (of).

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"What about homeless people? *sad *annoyed"

Unh? I'm annoyed, but I'm annoyed at the system that's failed them, not at the homeless people themselves. That's a bit ambiguous.

Yeah, I got a bunch of people I know as highly-rated matches. Shame I don't like most of them :/

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