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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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4 day weekend
delirium happy
4 day weekend! Wheeee!

Yes, no more uni for me until Monday. This is a Good Thing. It is interesting to note though that in the week of the AUT strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, I end up having to come in on both of those days, but having Thursday and Friday off. My lecturers are strange, and in one case particularly clueless. Still, I'm not going to complain about days off. And the strike did mean that I didn't have a lab class yesterday, which I'm very grateful for.

For what it's worth, I fully support the AUT in this strike, and believe that it's entirely justified. The fact that I can actually imagine myself going into that line of work in the future makes me support it doubly so, but I think that they're generally being screwed. As are students, of course. My general prefered approach is to get out of the "everybody must go to university!!" frame of mind, that seems to be prevalent today, and put more emphasis on vocational training as a viable alternative. There are too many bloody ridiculous university courses around in this country at the moment (my favourite that I've seen being a join honours course in bookkeeping and creative writing). One size does not fit all, so can we stop pretending that it does please?

And yes, I could explain all that better, but that wasn't what this entry was meant to be about. What it was meant to be about is 4 day weekend squee.

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So who is this "AUT", and why are they going on strike?

The association of university teachers.And they're striking because they're being offered a deal whereby they get less pay, assessed using untested methods, have great inequality in pay depending on where they work (at pseudorandom), etc. etc. and they aren't being offered a chance to negotiate. Essentially, they're striking for the same reason that anyone strikes -- they think they're being screwed.

More info on their site or from the guardian.

And it's not jus tlecturers, but "academic-related" staff who'll get the shaft. I.E. me :)

I think with the current "offer" I'll earn £37,000 less over the next 17 years than if the changes in pay-grading weren't part of the offer.


Having lost 5(!) lecturers from my department over the last two years because they simply couldn't afford to live and work here any more, I'm all for paying lecturers a fair wage.
Mind you, Brunel has been appalling over other pay disputes too, so I can't exactly be surprised that the great and the good lecturers are abandoning the place.

University politics suck.

I suspect things are quite different over there, but our system isn't any better. Most professors at universities here are expected to publish a book on a fairly regular basis. My memory is fuzzy, but I think it was my chemistry teacher who got axed for not writing yet another damn textbook. Who cares that he was loved by almost every student he ever had and constantly got very high marks on student surveys? The whole educational system is screwed up, and I'll be here all day if I keep talking about it, so I won't.

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