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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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printing, webcams, and bugs
delirium happy
Random things:

The other thing that I meant to say about the AUT strike but forgot about is this: on the way into the university yesterday we naturally had to cross the picket line. This was fairly unremarkable, except for one thing. They gave us a little piece of paper explaining what the strike was about, yadda yadda. Again, all unremarkable. Only, on the background of this piece of paper was a little clip-art picture of Britain. In dark grey. With black text over it. Can we all say "just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should"? This is the sort of thing I expect from 15 year old web designers, not a unon of allegedly intelligent people.

I actually downloaded and installed the official MSN messenger client last night. I feel so dirty. I did have a good reason though. I was using the webcam chat feature thingy for the first time, chatting with sarianna, which generally isn't offered by any of the third party clients. And I must say that in spite of myself, I'm impressed. For one thing, it actually just worked. Press the button, and there was the picture. MS++. Which puts them up to a karma of -189347472049. I'm also generally quite resistant to that sort of new technology: "why, in my day we accessed the internet over two cups and a piece of string, but it was all ok, because all we did was recite the alphabet to each other in morse code". It was good though. You lose so much in the way of queues when talking purely in text, and being able to see facial expressions and such like was definitely good. So yes, a piece of new technology that I don't instantly hate on my first exposure to it. Even if I am years behind the rest of the world.

And finally, I absolutely love this LJ zilla bug. It has everything. Security concerns. Bickering between LJ staff and volunteers. Brad not noticing its existance for 6 months, and then appearing and saying "no, no, no, you're all wrong". Way more links to support requests on the issue than could possibly be necessary. It's great. I'm so glad that I reported it, because I wouldn't have followed it otherwise.

Update: Oh yes, and the 4th thing I meant to say but forgot about. My life appears to be full of Catholics at the moment. I think they must be breeding or something. It's odd. Hi to all you Catholics out there :)

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I shall now go and shoot myself for being a pedant.




Really. I promise.
Queues are the long lines you stand in.

Re: I shall now go and shoot myself for being a pedant.

Well, at least you're saying "stand in [line]" rather than "stand on," like my roomie...very strange.

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