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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Sleep-pattern normal: all fucked up
delirium happy
This is my hour gap in between lectures on Tuesday which I never really know what to do with. Today though, I have something like 4 different LiveJournal entries swimming around in my head. Let's see how many of them I canmanage to make before I have to go and sit through an hour of circuit theory, shall we?

First off, I would like to point out that my sleep patterns are utterly, utterly FUBAR. You can tell this by the fact that I just slept through my complex numbers lecture and not my thermodynamics lecture. Most odd.

On Sunday night I managed to get about 2.5 hours sleep, all told. This was less than good, and resulted in great tiredness throughout Monday. Because of this, I decided (with a little prodding) that I should go to bed at 19:00. The thought there being that I would probably sleep through until around about 4 or 5am at least, and be fresh as a daisy today.

Naturally, this didn't work. I slept fitfully until about 1 and then got up. I used to be good at finding things to do when I got up in the middle of the night, but apparently the talent has atrophied somewhat. I ended up playing with my new phone, reading random LiveJournal entries of furries discussing whether DDR was gay or not, and random wikipedia articles about professional wrestling. This is what my life has been reduced to.

I then went back to bed at about 3:30, hoping to get a bit more sleep, but that didn't work very well either. I ended up having about 2 hours of insomnia, followed by about an hour of sleep. Not enough to be restful, btu enough to make you not want to wake up again. Great.

This is reason #4193 why I need to move. Once I move, I'll be able to be a proper student and crawl out of bed, go to lectures, and then crawl straight back into bed again. Life will be good. Oh yes.

It probably is worth mentioning though, since this is a "general life update" sort of a post, that life is actually remarkably good right now. I'm finding myself smiling randomly for no apparent reason and things like that, and generally not angsting over not being moved all that much. Which is nice.

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No wonder I like DDR! And all this time I thought it was because I can play at the beach wearing skimpy shirts and bounce!


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