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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I hate mondays
delirium happy
I hate mondays. They are thoroughly vile beasts for a whole host of reasons, but i think that the worst one is that my final lecture is at 1pm. Now, this may not seem too bad, but it means I finish the lecture at 2pm, and then get the 2:51 train, getting back to Chorley at about 3:25. Which is also known as the time when schools finish. My general procedure on Monday's is to go and find something else to do for quarter of an hour or so before taking the bus home, which generally ensures that the bus isn't quite so infested with school kids. So, I did that today, got into Chorley, and then went to Woolworths and bought some socks, and then went off to get the 3:40 bus.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the 3:30 bus never happened today, so my normal bus was filled with the kids. I really hate this. I hate the constant shouting that gives me a headache. I hate what the kids represent. I hate the boys who think that to be men they have to be loud, obnoxious and violent. I hate having people running all over the bus. I hate the girls who are bearly into their teens but who are dressed like cheap whores. I hate the memories that they bring back from my own days at school. I hate the fact that kids somehow seem to both not be allowed to be kids, but not be disciplined at all either. I hate it all.

But most of all, the thing I hate is seeing the quiet ones. The ones who are sitting quietly in the corner, trying to keep to themselves, and looking thoroughly downcast. I hate watching the other kids pick on them, tease them and be generally unpleasant. And I hate being practically able to feel their pain and yet being entirely powerless to do anything to stop it.

Horrible, horrible, horrible.