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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Time Travel
delirium happy
In a revelation which has shocked scientists the world over, workers at amazon.co.uk have recently uncovered the secret of time travel, sending a parcel of books back in time by a staggering 6 days.

The source of this breakthrough will come as a surprise to most. Amazon have previously not been noted for their technological inovations, despite attempts to convince the patent office otherwise. A spokesperson for the company downplaid the wider significance of this find, insisting that it couldn't be used to usher in a new age for humanity, but could be used to get a stranglehold on the online book retail industry.

As with any major discovery of this nature, there are still sceptics. One aazon customer and physics student informed us that she believed that this may actually have been a glitch in amazon's systems, and not a major breakthrough at all. Such sentiments are widely believed to be nothing more than jealousy, however.

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dammit! that was my thing to do this last year!

Tsk. With this nifty innovation, you'd think they'd manage to get my stuff to me on time. ;)

Well, bugger me! I check my mail after posting this, and there's a message to say my order has been dispatched. They've not only uncovered the secret of time travel, but they're making forays into the psychic world, too!

Parcelforce claimed to have invented the same thing, but it didn't work. They took 10 days to deliver my parcel, it got here a day or two ago, but the website still insisted they're expecting it to arrive on the 8th...!

...and how long i've been waiting for this to happen.
there may be one problem, though. doesn't this amazing discovery actually open up an opportunity for amazon to send you things you don't want? if you object, they can always claim that you will want and/or need them in a week or so...? ;)

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