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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Not the name meme
delirium happy
I'm sure you've all seen the names meme thing by now. the one where everyone lists a big bunch of names they've been known by and says who calls them what. This is not that meme. Instead, I'm curious as to what proportion of people reading this actually know what my "real" name is. And for those who aren't aware, I have actually legally changed my real name in the past, so I'm also curious how many of you know the name I had when I was a wee sproglet. As such, a poll:

Poll #264885 Names

Which of the following do you know?

My current legal first name
My current legal middle name
My first name at birth
My middle name at birth
My surname (unchanged)
None of the above

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one of those answers is a guess, since I'm assuming the legal change was to the name I knew you were using...

*grins at your answers to the poll*

There is a name I associate with you, which I would guess is your current legal first name.

And by "I know", I mean "I'm pretty sure". Definitely know the last name, since that hasn't been changed.

Everyone knows my middle name. It's my first name that confuses people, since I've never used it. I've seriously considered changing my last name. Might end up doing it at some point over the next few years.

I know your first and middle and last name (if your last name is the name that is displayed with e-mails that You send "Ashley *'****". Otherwise I just know your first and middle name, and your last name can be Mooar, because I said so. :)

I believe your current legal first name is (rot13) Enpury.

However, I'm not sure, so I just said none of the above.

Enpury makes a plausible name itself...

I thought I knew but I'm not sure so...

I think I may know your current legal middle name but I'm not confident about it. (Does it start with 'L'?)

oooh ooooh then i know it too.

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