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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I've been teaching people maths since I was 14. Our maths teacher at GCSE was a great guy but not a particularly good teacher. He had a habit of working through problems, getting them wrong, getting stuck and not being sure what to do next, and asking the members of the class who were better at maths how to do the problems. I exagerate not. As one of said people who were better at maths, I didn't pay all that much attention in those classes. Instead, I spent them teaching the two people who sat next to me how to do maths.

And it carried on. Less so at A-level, or while I was at Oxford, but it was still present. I always liked explaining things to people. Ad now I'm back at university again, it's back up to full throttle again. And there's also the random over-the-internet factor. Last night, I was teaching sarianna about ranges and domains of functions, which was what prompted me to make this entry.

Once I understand something myself, I can teach it to someone else. And people generally tend to tell me that I'm good at it too, and make it easier for them to understand.

I occasionally wonder if I'd want to actually go into teaching at some point. Physics rather than maths. I generally think not, as teaching a bunch of snot nosed brats who want to piss about is different to teaching a few people who actually want to learn. It's all academic really though because no high school anywhere would let someone with my gender issues teach. On the other hand, if I do end up in academia as I sometimes think is likely, I can definitely see myself lecturing too. Preferably some obscure final year course that only three people take, mind.

Additional: solcita has linked a few times recently to e-scrabble and I want to play with it. Anyone want a game?

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:D so what are you up to tonight? (and did you get any sleep??)

I dunno. Probably not a great deal. I finished reading my last book last night, so I might start on some of the stuff from the Amzon Order Of Doom tonight. Or I might not. No plans, really. And yeh, I slept through until about 15:00 (ooh, and had a weird dream; I should write that up) so I got plenty.

I want a game. :)
I am not very good at long English words, but if you don't mind I'd try.

alita [at] teehonya.ru

I'm really bad at maths, I scraped through with an F at GCSE, because, with hindsight, my teacher just wasn't interesting enough for me to actually sit up and take notice of what she was telling us - besides, she used to lob the chalk eraser at us if we weren't paying attention, my maths is bad, but my flinch reflexes are excellent. I'd like to be better at it.

Oh, and retep beats me at scrabble all the time. I suspect this is something to do with the fact that he cheats. :-D

Funny, I was just thinking today about growing up and being an English teacher. And I've never wanted to do it before, but I was walking down the street introducing myself to my class in my head and yes. I'm starting to see this as a possible profession for me.

I think you'd be a great teacher, ρ. :)

and, I'd be up for e-scrabble, but I'm with friends, some other time? :D

I'd love to e-scrabble. carls146@msu.edu, if'n you wants to.

It is probably illegal to refuse to employ you (to do anything) because of your gender issues, they don't affect your ability to teach physics so they shouldn't prevent you from doing it, if you want to - lecturing is cooler anyway.

Yes, technically it probably is illegal. However, imagine the situation:

child bitches to parent
parent kicks up fuss
"please won't somebody think of the children"

and once the kids hate you and the parents hate you, you really don't have a cat in hell's chnce of being an effective teacher. So it probably would actually effect my ability to teach, so nobody sane would employ me.

Well. No, that's not true. Most people would at least be wary of employing me in such a situation, and I'd be very wary of getting into it. Which amounts to much the same thing.

It's all academic (pun intended) though, because I doubt that's what I'd want to do anyway.

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