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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Stuff for the appartment
delirium happy
We went doing shopping for the new flat today. This make me happy, in the sense that it makes it seem so real that I'm finally going to be moving soon. We bought:

a duvet
2 pillows
2 duvet covers (dark blue)
a valence (dark blue)
2 sheets (light blue/grey)
4 pillowcases (2 each of dark blue and light blue/grey)
2 face cloths (1 charcoal, 1 lilac)
2 bath towels (1 charcoal, 1 lilac)
2 bath sheets (1 charcoal, 1 lilac)
1 hand towel (charcoal)
1 bathmat (charcoal)
12 plates (4 large, 4 medium, 4 small; all are mostly white, with a dark grey rim and a black underside)
4 bowls (to match the plates)
4 mugs (2 to match the plates, 2 with pigs and chickens)
2 teatowels.

all in all, we spent something like £345, I think. Well, I say "we". I actually mean "my mum". No matter how much I may bitch about my parents, I am incredibly appreciative of everything that they do for me.

In other news, pthalogreen seems to be trying (with some success) to get the entire of #lj_support addicted to ADOM (after I got her addicted). This fills me with joy. (And on the off chance that I've never pimped it at you, you should go and download and play it.)

My email appears to be down at the moment too. So if I'm not replying to comments, or e-scrabble moves or whatever, that would be why. If you desperately need to contact me, then try IRC/AIM or whatever, or failing that you can email r.walmsley @ lancs.ac.uk though I may not check it all that regularly. I'll notify again when email is back.

Edit: Email is back now. I managed to get a hold of oscarhocklee who fixed it for me. Yay.

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eeee yay for new house stuff. :)

And yes #lj_Support people are being cute new adom players. was i cute like that?

yay adom.

Yes. Yes you were :)

And this also demonstrates how far you've come :)

Oh god, not ADOM. I haven't played it in years, now I've got the urge again...

<ob_silly_question>What's a valence?</>

Random piece of cloth that goes in between the bed and the matress, hangs down, looks frilly and blocks access to any drawers or similar things in the bed. My mum thought it was a good idea.

Ah. And here I was thinking it was something chemical.

It's spelled valance, anyway.

i love that kind of shopping...! =)

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