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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
So today was my birthday. Or rather, yesterday was, as it's now 2am. Since it's my birthday, I'm going to indulge myself by posting song lyrics which you will undoubtedly all ignore. They do sum up my general feelings about birthdays really quite well though:

Once a year we celebrate
With stupid hats and plastic plates
The fact that you were able to make
Another trip around the sun
And the whole clan gathers round
And gifts and laughter do abound
And we let out a joyful sound
And sing that stupid song
Happy birthday!
Now you're one year older!
Happy birthday!
Your life still isn't over!
Happy birthday!
You did not accomplish much
But you didn't die this year
I guess that's good enough
So let's drink to your fading health
And hope you don't remind yourself
The chance of finding fame and wealth
Decrease with every year
Does it feel like you're doing laps
And eating food and taking naps
And hoping that someday perhaps
Your life will hold some cheer
Happy birthday!
What have you done that matters?
Happy birthday!
You're starting to get fatter
Happy birthday!
It's downhill from now on
Try not to remind yourself
Your best years are all gone
If cryogenics were all free
Then you could live like Walt Disney
And live for all eternity
Inside a block of ice
But instead your time is set
This is the only life you get
And though it hasn't ended yet
Sometimes you wish it might
Happy birthday!
You wish you had more money
Happy birthday!
Your life's so sad it's funny
Happy birthday!
How much more can you take?
But your friends are hungry
So just cut the stupid cake
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, dear...

("The happy happy birthday song" by The Arrogant Worms)

I've now managed to orbit the sun 23 times and I've still not managed to die yet. I feel old. And yes, before everyone older than me who reads this comments, I know that 23 isn't really old. It's just all relative. Most of my peers at university are either 18 or 19, and while that may not seem all that much, it's something I'm very conscious of. Partly, I think it's the little differences in cultural upbringing, like different kids TV show heritage, but mostly I think it's just the difference in life experiences and outlook.

And I also look upon the past 4 years as "wasted" years. Now, don't get me wrong, I've done some worthwhile stuff, and learned some stuff about myself, and about life, and met some good people, and had some good times, and I wouldn't want to go back to how things were four years ago. But... I also don't consider 4 years where 95% of it was spent either in bed, on the internet or both to be very well spent.

And 23. That's pretty much mid twenties now. The time of settling down and making ones way in the real world. And I'm still in the first year of my degree. I won't be finished until I'm 26. Then if I decide to do a PhD as well, then I'd be practically 30. And still I'd never really have faced the real world.

And I'm trying not to be miserable about this, because I like what I'm doing now, and where I'm going, and stuff like that. Ijust wish it hadn't taken me so god damned long to actually do it. Ah well. Nothing I can do about that, I guess.

And on a lighter note, I should point out that once again my birthday was only 23 hours long. This is such a ripoff. I'm going to claim back my lost hours of birthday at some point.

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But... why was your birthday only 23 hours long? That's weird?

At any rate, happy birthday! 23 is not old (I'm 23 too...), though I know what you mean about feeling old sometimes. But don't feel bad about being in school - I wish I had the luxury of staying in school until I was 30... :)

Because today was clocks-go-forward-for-summer day in Britain, so I lost an hour at some point this morning.

Happy belated birthday. You're owed an hour: celebrate for an hour of some random nice day later in the year.

Actually, it would seem that I'm owed 4 hours. If I celebrate all at once then that'd be enough to actually do something useful with.

Or you could keep saving them up til you're owed 24 hours and you can declare an actual extra birthday for yourself at any time you wish, and declare yourself another year older.. not that you seem keen on it, but it sounded clever to me.

Except that I'd have to be something like 160 before I was owed an extra year, and I'm not planning on living that long :)

I think it's time for a few go-rounds of the SCAdian Birthday Dirge, to the tune of Song of the Volga Boatmen:

Death and gloom and black despair
People dying everywhere.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

We brought linen, white as cloud
Now we'll sit and sew your shroud.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Now that you're the age you are
Your demise cannot be far.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

So far death you have bypassed
Don't look back it's gaining fast.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

I'm a leper, can't you see
Get your birthday kiss from me.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Burn the castle and storm the keep
Kill the women but SAVE THE SHEEP!
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Burn, then rape by firelight
Add -romance- to life tonight.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Pay attention, you must learn
First you pillage, THEN you burn.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

It's your birthday never fear
You'll be dead this time next year.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

May your deeds with sheep and yaks
Equal those with sword and axe.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

See the wrinkles on your face
Like the pattern of fine lace.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Your servants steal, your wife's untrue
Your children plot to murder you.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Indigestion's what you get
From the enemies you 'et.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

They stole your gold, your sword, your house
They stole your sheep, but not your spouse.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

You must marry very soon
Baby's due the next full moon.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Fear and gloom and darkness but
No one found out YOU KNOW WHAT.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Were I sitting in your shoes
I'd go out and sing the blues.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

You're a period cook it's true
Ask the beetles in the stew.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

So you've aged another year
Now you know that Death is near.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Children dying far and near
They say that cancer's caused by beer.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Children dying everywhere
Women crying in despair.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Now you've lived another year
Age to you is like stale beer.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Death, destruction, and despair
People dying everywhere.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

So another year has passed
Don't look now they're gaining fast.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Typhoid, plague and polio
Coffins lined up in a row.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Long ago your hair turned gray
Now it's falling out, they say.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Black Death has just struck your town
You yourself feel quite run-down.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

Birthdays come but once a year
Marking time as Death draws near.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

May the children in the street
Be your barbecuing meat.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

At your age most folks go blind
You've kept your sight, but lost your mind.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

While you eat your birthday stew
We will loot the town for you.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

We love children, yes we do
Boiled or baked or in a stew.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

When you've reached this age you know
That the mind is first to go.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

We, your friends will never tell
That your body has gone to hell.
Happy BIRTHday! *uh* Happy BIRTHday! *uh*

It's still March 28 here: happy birthday

Oh yes, you're a couple months younger than me. I keep forgetting that. It's good to hear you like what you're doing now.

How could I possibly ignore that song? (A cheesy and somewhat disturbingly jerky Flash animation can be found here for anyone who hasn't heard it.)

If it's any consolation, I can partly understand how you feel among your peers. When I (finally) arrived at university, most other first year students were two to three years younger and even that made me feel old. Now that I've transferred I'm ending up in some classes with 17- to 20-year-olds and I won't finish my first degree until I'm 25 or 26. Meanwhile, some of my friends are graduating, working on other degrees, building careers, getting married, having children...

For all of what it is worth - happy birthday.

Reading the link one of your comment posters made - looks like I'll never ever lose a hour off my birthday (24th March, earliest possible summertime change is 25th) unlike you - though you could celebrate one hour of your birthday in October when you get it back? :)

Talking about birthdays - there's too many birthdays last week! ;)

Hiliary (CDS student) - 22nd March
Dai (Deaf bloke I know) - 23rd March
Me - 24th March
You - 28th March

About your feeling old at uni, I was the exact opposite - I felt really young in my year group - most people was around 3 to 4 years older, and a significiant amount was over 30, and quite a few was over 40. I almost always get double takes when I give my age and I always get "That's bloody young! You still in your nappies?". I didn't form any friends in uni apart from one person in the last 6 months of uni and he is around 29 with a wife and a kid already. He's 3 now IIRC.

Happy birthday anyway :-)

(Deleted comment)
Happy Unbirthday.


happy sheepday rho! the world turns because of you :D so don't get depressed =P

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