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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Public service announcement
delirium happy
I do not like april fool's day. It is a silly holiday. Practcal jokes are at best annoying and at worst, cruel. They are very seldom funny, and are mostly just another way of saying "being an asshat". I will not appreciate any april fools jokes that are played on me. I will not be playing any myself. I will not play along with anyone else's.

That is all.

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Luckily, I usually sleep through the morning and thus miss the silly affair.

Yeah. I have a sticky note on my desktop reminding me that it's April Fool's Day. (Been up for a few days actually, so I wouldn't forget to put it up, or to take into account different time zones.) I did start to fall for a certain Australian's joke (*cough*) but it wasn't horribly traumatic or anything, and now I've been further reminded to stay far away from the internet tomorrow.

I can deal with the "adding blue dye to the milk" types of pranks, but anything specifically designed to upset someone or make them look like a fool is absolutely uncalled for in my book. Fortunately, I don't celebrate the stupid thing, and I ignore people who get into that stuff until afternoon rolls around, by which point most have it out of their system.

I don't think it's entirely bad. I was listening to the news quite enthusiastically this morning to see if I could spot any hoaxes and was quite disappointed when I didn't. I like this kind of joke because it doesn't hurt people and is often quite funny after the event, even for the people who were fooled - the Panorama spaghetti harvest incident, for example. It's the kind of petty 'jokes' people play on each other that I don't like, and now I'm no longer at school I'm not subjected to that kind of thing any more.

I...uh...*looks at friends list* What?

*sputters some unintelligible keysmashes and sulks*

Could at least give me notice.

OK, a response, finally. I know I'm horribly late, but I've had a whole lot on my mind for the past few weeks with the imminent house moving thing and all that lot.

Basically, my friends list for me is nothing to do with who I consider my friends. There are people on it who I odn't much like, and people not on it who I do like. It's only about people whose entries I want to appear on my friends page. And for a while I've been finding that you're mostly writing in your journal about things that don't interest me. I don't have a problem with that, but I don't want to read them.

I would still like to consider you a friend, and don't have any hard feelings or anything.

Ah, oh, ok. Makes sense. I'm just very glad you responded. *hugs*

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